CoinEx Announced as Gold Sponsor of Web3 Lagos Conference, Advancing Blockchain Innovation in Nigeria


CoinEx, a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for simple and secure trading services, has proudly announced its Gold Sponsorship of the highly anticipated Web3 Lagos Conference in Nigeria.  Organized by Web3bridge, the 3rd annual Web3 Lagos Conference is the premier Web3 event in Lagos taking place from August 31 to September 2, 2023. CoinEx’s strategic sponsorship demonstrates its commitment to accelerating Nigeria’s Web3 ecosystem.

Web3 Lagos Conference is one of the largest Web3 events that brings together blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts, and thought leaders across Nigeria and beyond. The 3-day conference provides diverse activities including hackathons, workshops, networking opportunities, job expos, and panel discussions. The first two days focus on intensive workshops covering cutting-edge Web3 insights for diverse backgrounds. The final day features speeches from global Web3 leaders on significant blockchain topics. Notably, their collaboration with the Ethernet Foundation has consistently attracted luminary speakers, including the co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. The conference is notable for bridging connections among developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. It fosters networking and collaboration across a diverse range of participants to advance the Web3 ecosystem.

In recent years, Nigeria has ranked as one of the top countries in crypto adoption globally, making it a key target among global crypto investors. Consequently, the Nigerian market has emerged as a dynamic force in the adoption of Web3 technologies, showcasing its potential for decentralized innovation. With a tech-savvy population and growing entrepreneurship, Nigeria is poised to become a hub for Web3 applications and solutions. The Web3 Lagos Conference serves as a catalyst, bringing together experts and enthusiasts to accelerate Nigeria’s Web3 adoption.

As the Gold Sponsor of the Web3 Lagos Conference, CoinEx demonstrates its commitment to nurturing Nigeria’s blockchain community and advancing local adoption of blockchain innovation. With a user base exceeding 5 million across 200+ countries, CoinEx has established itself as a platform offering 700+ diverse, high-quality cryptocurrencies. This sponsorship aligns with CoinEx’s goal of fueling regional blockchain growth and contributing to the advancement of blockchain technology.

CoinEx will host an interactive booth enabling attendees to engage firsthand with the platform. Additionally, CoinEx will deliver a presentation on the pivotal topic of “Necessity of Simplicity in Blockchain Adoption.” Through these initiatives, CoinEx reaffirms its commitment to advancing blockchain growth in Nigeria and contributing to blockchain technology.


CoinEx Adopts an All-new Brand Slogan: Making Crypto Trading Easier


In December 2020, CoinEx adopted the brand slogan of “Where Innovative Digital Assets Gather”, which indicates that the platform’s growth strategy was to bring innovative, quality projects to users and help them capture the latest trends and seize new opportunities. Guided by such principles, the CoinEx token-listing team always prioritizes the listing of quality cryptos and is never blindly after quantity. Such a rigorous funnel-shaped screening process not only allows users to identify first-rate assets and stay ahead of peers but also earns CoinEx a great reputation, which has brought win-win results for both the platform and users.

Throughout 2021, CoinEx listed 300+ premium cryptos. Meanwhile, helping users select innovative digital assets was no longer a growth target. Instead, it had become the norm of listing all the superior cryptos on the exchange. As the crypto market continues to evolve, a growing number of users flock to the blockchain industry.

However, these beginners are often confused and daunted by the lack of blockchain know-how, the high threshold of trading platforms, as well as the complex operations of crypto trading. As such, CoinEx should not simply strive for the provision of innovative digital assets — moreover, it needs to help beginners complete their first crypto transaction with ease, allow them to benefit from the more convenient circulation of crypto assets, and make the world a better place via blockchain together with users.

To that end, CoinEx has decided to adopt an all-new brand slogan: Making Crypto Trading Easier. In the future, CoinEx will function as the bridge between users and the crypto world. As the gateway to the crypto space, the exchange will help more users complete each crypto transaction with ease and shatter the long-standing stereotype that the blockchain industry is inaccessible.

On CoinEx (both on Web and Mobile APP), users can trade cryptos easily and conveniently anywhere they are and whenever they want to. CoinEx strives for simple product designs and easy operations, allowing users to get started with CoinEx products and trade cryptos right away. Meanwhile, the exchange provides an all-encompassing, professional Help Center to guide users from basic operations to advanced trading tactics. On CoinEx, all users can have access to detailed blockchain know-how and all-inclusive guides to trading operations. With the Help Center, even crypto newbies can effortlessly orient themselves in the crypto world.

During the past decade, the blockchain industry saw great changes, and the intensive competition between crypto trading platforms has also ended. In a world where the total market cap of cryptocurrency continues to rise, the crypto market plays a vital role in the financial sector. Meanwhile, a growing number of new users will rush to the blockchain space. CoinEx is keenly aware that the blockchain world requires the contribution of more individuals, and we can only gather more efforts to improve the blockchain sector by making the industry accessible to more users, changing how assets are traded, and breaking the restraints of conventional finance.

“Making Crypto Trading Easier” is not just a slogan — It is a major goal and growth strategy that CoinEx is striving for. The exchange plans to become the bridge connecting users and the crypto world. As the gateway to the crypto space, CoinEx aims to make crypto trading easier.


CoinEx Offers Emergency Aids to Filipinos Affected by Typhoon Rai as A Gesture of Goodwill


Recently, Typhoon Rai hit the Philippines and to assist in disaster relief, CoinEx has offered emergency aid to disaster-stricken areas. As one of the strongest storms the country witnessed in 2021, Rai has brought strong winds, heavy rainfall, as well as floods. On December 31, 2021, the Philippine National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) briefed that Rai had affected 4.45 million people in this country and damaged more than 530,000 houses.

CoinEx dispatched support teams to the three worst-hit areas, respectively Southern Leyte, Cebu, and Negros. Sparing no effort in supporting disaster relief in the country, CoinEx also provided emergency assistance donations for local rescue organizations. Each support team consisted of 20 members. Soon after Rai hit the country, they prepared and distributed the relevant supplies to locals who need them the most.

On 6th and 8th January , the support teams visited locals in areas hit by Rai and distributed a total of 300 supply packages that included rice, noodles, sardines, water, bread, biscuits, and other daily suppliers. Apart from the provision of emergency supplies, CoinEx also gave a $10,000 emergency donation to the local government and spared no effort in supporting disaster relief in the country.

CoinEx’s assistance to disaster relief in the Philippines fully reflected its mission of “Via Blockchain, Making The World A Better Place”. CoinEx always committed to its social responsibilities, has been actively involved in various charitable causes and held charitable events around the world. With a loving heart, CoinEx has been doing its utmost to give back to society and extend a helping hand.

As a world-leading crypto trading platform, CoinEx will continue to perfect its products and provide users with the best services. Meanwhile, it will also keep sending a positive message and engage in more charitable events. Aiming to give back to the public and its global users, the exchange will strive to take on more social responsibilities while calling on more people to contribute to charitable causes.