CoinLoan Token Is Now Listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange


A top-tier, fast, and easy cryptocurrency lending and investment platform CoinLoan has listed the CLT token on the Bittrex Global exchange, one of the world’s top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of liquidity.

CLT, the platform’s native Ethereum-based token, was listed on its first crypto exchange in June 2018 and is currently trading on several top exchanges. CoinLoan users can take advantage of CLT utilities through the CoinLoan platform. In the CoinLoan Interest Account, it can be used to raise earning rates from basic to more beneficial ones. Staking 2,500 CLT, for instance, will add 2% on top of the regular annual interest rate. This way, users can earn up to 12.3% annually on EUR, GBP, and stablecoins or 7.2% on BTC. Also, paying borrowing fees in CLT users get a 50% discount.

Commenting on the partnership CoinLoan CEO, Alex Faliushin said, “CoinLoan has set itself apart by providing a fast and secure way to earn interest and take out a loan while keeping crypto savings safe. We lead the charge in making asset management effortless and secure. We are committed to putting people and families at the heart of what we do, giving them back control of their financial life and outcomes. This vision is also reflected in Bittrex’s approach to making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly. That is why our partnership with Bittrex marks another milestone in our journey to redefine the global fintech market.”