CoinPayments Appoints Malcolm Atuona as Chief Financial Officer


CoinPayments, the world’s largest provider of crypto payment solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Malcolm Atuona as CFO.

This appointment is the latest in a series of new staff hires for the fast-growing company, which has seen transactions increase over 100% year-on-year, reaching $7 billion in 2021.

“We are thrilled to bring Malcolm into the CoinPayments family! His skills and expertise round out our amazing team and will strengthen our financial operations in keeping with the rapidly evolving needs of this company,” said CoinPayments’ CEO Dennis Pederson. “As we expand into new markets, Malcolm’s experience in international finance, digital assets and regulations will be a huge asset to all levels of the CoinPayments business.”

Coming to CoinPayments from a previous role as Head of Financial Operations at XBTO’s Stablehouse crypto finance group, Atuona brings to the role the experience of a 16-year financial career which, in the past few years, has increasingly focused on the opportunities blockchain technology provides in the finance sector.

As a leader in previous roles, he has emphasized process improvement, a nuanced grasp of international regulatory compliance, and translating financial understanding into actionable insights for executives to achieve financial goals.

“I am excited to be joining CoinPayments at a time of significant growth and change,” said Atuona. “Since its inception, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, and I look forward to leveraging my knowledge and experience to fast-track our mission to build great products, make them scale globally, and empower everyone to benefit from the crypto finance revolution.”


CoinPayments Set to Remain Leading Crypto Payment Processor Finds D-Core Survey


Emerging technology research company D-Core released its latest analysis reviewing the future of the cryptocurrency landscape, calling for CoinPayments to remain the leading crypto payments processor in 2026.

D-Core’s report surveyed 161 experts, asking them: “Which crypto payment processor will definitely be operating in five years time?” Of those surveyed, 37% picked CoinPayments, giving it the top spot. The other crypto payment processors included in the report were Bitpay (29%), BTCpay (19%), SpicePay (13%), CoinGate (1%), among others.

“It is great to be recognized as a top crypto payment processor among experts in the industry,” noted Jason Butcher, CEO of CoinPayments. “Since 2013, our aim has always been to fuel crypto adoption and the most effective way to give digital assets their rightful place as mediums of exchange is by enabling businesses and consumers to use them for everyday purchases.”

The report’s timely release comes as notable companies like Paypal and Tesla announce that they will be facilitating crypto payments for customers. Crypto adoption is steadily on the rise as more businesses come to understand the benefits that come with accepting crypto payments.

“D-Core’s focus is on providing unique information and insights into emerging technology companies and projects in blockchain, decentralized finance, and payments,” noted D-Core founder Kevin Mudd. “As more people look for information on crypto and payments, we aim to help to uncover tomorrow’s disruptors in the space to help institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds, and main street investors make wiser investment decisions.”