Sentiom and Cisco Canada launched new smart building solution to protect resident safety at housing non-profit, Maison Martin-Matte de Québec


Sentiom, Cisco Canada and Maison Martin-Matte de Québec announced the successful deployment of an AI-driven monitoring-and-detection system into Maison Martin-Matte’s Quebec City facility. This first-of-its-kind technology solution provides real-time alerts to reduce the risk of fire and water damage in Maison Martin-Matte de Québec’s building, helping to create a safer and more intelligent space for residents and staff.

The new technology integrates Cisco Meraki networking technology to connect Sentiom’s AI and IoT devices including auto-shutoff valves, leak sensors, room sensors and smart fire alarms. Incendia, a fire prevention specialist, provided expertise and patented technology to the design. Resident safety is paramount to the design – the system automatically monitors the status of all fire and leak detection equipment and can remain operational in the event of a network outage.

The deployment of this technology allowed Maison Martin-Matte de Québec to address an insurance-coverage-renewal problem and gave Sentiom and Cisco the opportunity to conduct real-world testing to validate the viability of the risk management solution. The Maison Martin-Matte de Québec’s building now serves as a living lab for the Sentiom and Cisco teams to optimize and enhance this critical new technology.

In 2021, Sentiom won Cisco Canada’s Fast Future Innovation Awards which helps Canadian organizations innovate and scale new technology solutions with Cisco resources and expertise through its Innovation Labs and Country Digital Acceleration program. With a focus on innovation, digital transformation and infrastructure, this solution also received support from both provincial and federal governments. Sentiom was awarded technology demonstration grants from Investissement Québec and ENCQOR 5G, a Canada-Québec-Ontario partnership focused on research and innovation in the field of 5G IoT disruptive technologies.

Sentiom and Cisco Canada aim to scale this solution to accelerate the digital transformation of multi-residential buildings and beyond over the next five years within a range of potential applications; from risk management, to energy savings, and occupant safety, security, and health.


“Artificial intelligence is one of the greatest technological advances of our generation. This is why our government is proud to partner with innovative companies like Cisco Canada and Sentiom, who are enabling this new technology to have a significant impact on the daily lives of Canadians. Their groundbreaking work will better protect our communities, while helping to develop the economy of tomorrow.” – The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

“At a time when companies are struggling to invest in research and development as a priority, it has never been more important to foster a culture of innovation within Canadian businesses,” said Jean-Claude Ouellet, Vice President, Cisco Canada. “Through the expertise of Cisco Toronto’s Innovation Lab and Canada’s Digital Acceleration program, we can help organizations build safe, resilient and inclusive communities, powered by ethical and innovative technology solutions.”

“Our partnership with Cisco and the granting agencies (ENCQOR and Investissement Québec) of the federal and provincial governments enables us to develop and deliver a solution that meets a critical need in our society,” says Mathieu Lachaîne, CTO at Sentiom. “Thanks to this collaboration, we can rethink the way we create safe, intelligent environments for the populations that need them most.”

“We are extremely grateful to have been able to count on Sentiom, Cisco Canada, the provincial government, and the federal government to carry out the digital transformation of the Maison Martin-Matte, Pavillon Patrice-Villeuve in Quebec,” said Olivier Couette, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “This partnership fits perfectly with our efforts to provide an ever-safe living environment for our residents and employees. It was essential for the pursuit of our mission.”