MOSS Partners with Crypto Hedge Fund Argentium to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

MOSS, the first and largest environmental platform in the world to tokenize carbon credits, announced it has partnered with Argentium Digital Asset Management Limited for the purchase of MOSS’s MCO2 carbon credits as part of the hedge funds’ carbon-neutral investment approach.

As part of the arrangement, Argentium will purchase and ‘burn’ the required number of MCO2 tokens to ensure both the fund and the company operate on a carbon-neutral basis.

“We’re pleased to see the growing trend toward environmental consciousness and solutions among those in the digital currency space,” says Luis Felipe Adaime, CEO and founder of MOSS.

“We recognize that our trading activity necessitates the use of multiple blockchains and this has a carbon impact. Each and every one of us has a responsibility towards the environment, and we felt MOSS offered an innovative solution in the digital space,” says Argentium CEO Paul Frost-Smith. “We hope that others will follow our lead as there are times when it is much better to take action than join in the argument, and the environment is clearly one of them.”

With the partnership, Argentium’s blockchain activity and its carbon impact will be determined by an independent third party.  The company will then buy MC02 carbon credits from MOSS to offset the impact of blockchain activity and more, to expand its commitment to neutrality.