LSI Services, Leader In New Jersey Landscaping, Announces First Commercial Robotic Mowing Installation

LSI Services, LLC, a leader in commercial landscaping in New Jersey, is proud to announce the first use of robotic lawnmowers on commercial premises. As an environmentally conscious company, this is an especially important step forward for LSI as it helps reduce noise pollution for customers while reducing its own carbon footprint. The technology also gives LSI a competitive pricing advantage in the commercial landscaping space, showcasing the company’s innovation and commitment to providing the highest quality services to its customers.

“We are privileged to have forward thinking customers who value using the best available solutions for their tenants and users,” said Dardan Bilali, President of LSI Services. “Robotic mowers provide a noise-free, emissions-free lawn mowing solution, perfect for corporate customers. LSI will offer capabilities of robotic mowing to all our commercial customers where environmental consciousness and safety are paramount.”

The Mowbot robotic mowers, manufactured by Husqvarna – the world’s leader in outdoor power products, use GPS and artificial intelligence, are self-charging and can operate day or night, regardless of weather conditions, so lawns always have a fresh-cut look. The battery powered device is stationed on the property and will be supplemented by LSI’s highly trained crew who will continue to provide full-service landscaping on the premises.

“This is a technology whose time has come,” said Jared Gavzy, Co-Owner of Mowbot of Metro NY. “We have successfully deployed Mowbot on several residential lawns and are thrilled to serve our first commercial property.”

“LSI is a one-stop solution that integrates technology and people to deliver the best quality exterior services for our customers,” said Rishi Gaind, Managing Partner at Gaind Capital Partners, who previously acquired LSI Services. “We will continue to invest in innovative solutions to make facilities management easier and more cost-effective for LSI’s customers.”

LSI Services has three locations in BergenEssex and Monmouth counties and serves the landscaping and exterior services needs of commercial customers across the tri-state area. To learn more about LSI’s budget-friendly landscape solutions, visit