Metaverse Game “DeHorizon” Closes $8.5M Pre-A Round Led By Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital and Everest Ventures Group


DeHorizon Foundation, the team behind DeHorizon, today announced that DeHorizon has completed an $8.5 million Pre-A round led by Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital and Everest Ventures Group for upcoming blockchain-based MMO/RPG DeVerse. The new funding will help them to accelerate DeVerse’s development and grow the team.

“GameFi presents an opportunity to bring the next billion users into the crypto economy,” said Bo Feng, managing partner at Dragonfly Capital. “We are excited to back DeHorizon to drive GameFi adoption across the world.”

DeHorizon Foundation is dedicated to creating DeHorizon a community-powered Game Metaverse, making “Play for fun and to Earn” come into reality. Complying with the principle of empowering all players to control their own assets, privacy information, and power of governance, DeHorizon Metaverse will be managed by the decentralized autonomous community, which is DAO. That is the future of DeHorizon Metaverse players are heading to.

DeVerse is the first blockchain-based MMO/RPG on DeHorizon, a barbarous version of high fantasy action-adventure game. In DeVerse, players will explore the open world of epic battles, minting NFT monsters, mining resources, embarking on heroic quests, taming wild creatures, and much more.

Recently, DeHorizon launched the first-ever interoperable, editable and evolvable ERC-721 NFT “DeMeta Pass ID”(DeMeta) to solve the problem of NFTs’ connection and further development. Building up the interopability of NFTs may be an important catalyst to contribute Metaverse forward to open, connection networks. Within less than 30 minutes, their first batch of ERC-721 DeMeta NFT were immediately claimed out. An advancing NFT experiment has been witnessed, freely open to everyone.

More information can be acquired from their website:

The Pre-A round was led by Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital and Everest Ventures Group with Animoca Brands, Yield Guild Games, Mechanism Capital, Gumi Cryptos Capital, Infinity Venture Crypto, Akatsuki Inc, BitScale, Republic Realm, Youbi Capital, Bybit, The Lao, LD Capital, Momentum 6, Dialectic, Stable Node, Kardia Ventures, Tess Ventures, Meteorite Labs, Taureon, Ruby Capital, Jsquare, Zonff Partners, Pluto Capital, WaYi, Formless Capital, Crasolum, Lucid Blue Ventures, Puzzle Ventures, Maeve Ventures, Blockdream Ventures.

They have backed the Silicon Valley startup with $8.5 million. This round represents an investment in DeHorizon Metaverse and its flagship blockchain game “DeVerse”. Their Angel round was supported by Bo FengDarren Lau, Santigo Santos, Miss Bitcoin, MASA.

Currently, one secret project designed by community is said to launch on DeHorizon Metaverse later. In the future, DeHorizon will develop and incubate more various blockchain-based games and make more partnerships with great artists, award-winning celebrities and much more to make their Metaverse come to life.

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American Rapper Tyga jumps into DeHorizon Metaverse as a pioneering experience officer


DeHorizon Foundation, the team behind DeHorizon, is dedicated to making DeHorizon an immersive “Play for fun and to earn” Game Metaverse. Now, they are working on DeVerse, the first MMO/RPG blockchain game on DeHorizon Metaverse.

Recently, DeHorizon announced the partnership with Grammy-nominated American rapper Tyga who will act as the pioneering experience officer in DeHorizon Metaverse. His first pioneer will consist of two forthcoming online events, “Raider Tyga Mystery Box” event and “Claim and Mint DeMeta Pass ID (DeMeta) for free” event.

Tyga says that he is super excited about the coming events.
“I am joining DeHorizon Metaverse. NFT stuff is dope. I do appreciate it!”

Mystery Box Event —  “Raider Tyga” NFTs

Blockchain-based MMO/RPG DeVerse can be viewed as a barbarous version of high fantasy action-adventure game. To celebrate Tyga’s “Big Boss” gaming character in DeVerse, DeHorizon will partner with Tyga to release his first-ever-it’s-kind NFTs, “Raider Tyga” Mystery Boxes.

His first drop will be made up of 18,000 NFTs with its rarity. Of the 18,000 in the collection, 12,000 NFTs will be listed on DeHorizon official website and the rest will be listed on Binance NFT Mystery Boxes on Saturday, Oct 2nd at 11 AM UTC.

All of those mentioned above are just a beginning. In the future, DeHorizon will team up with more KOLs, great artists, popular celebrities like Tyga to make more innovations in DeHorizon Metaverse. DeHorizon believes each step of the collabrative partnership makes DeHorizon Metaverse more inclusive and fascinating.

Claim and Mint your DeMeta for free

DeMeta is the first Interoperable, Editable and Evolvable ERC-721 NFT, composed of 6 replaceable attributes and a character profile stored on chain within 256 bytes customized by players themselves. As your virtual ID in DeHorizon Metaverse, DeMeta will evolve with players and become the unique NFT exclusively to players.

Overview of DeMeta

  • Each attribute in DeMeta is an NFT.
  • 6 replaceable attributes are randomly generated, composed of 3 character figures and 3 gears.
  • Much more replaceable attributes will be acquired in the upcoming game DeVerse and rotated in your DeMeta.
  • All the replaceable attributes can be individually traded in the future.
  • Players can customize their character profile to show their aspiration why to join DeHorizon Metaverse.
  • The character profile can be reset with the cost of GAS. All the previous owners and profiles will be stored on chain for review.

As the pioneering experience officer, Tyga will claim and mint No.1 DeMeta to officially embark on the journey to DeHorizon Metaverse. In the future, No.1 DeMeta will record Tyga’s growth and evolve with him in DeHorizon Metaverse.

Starting on Thursday, Oct 7 at 11 AM UTC, No.101 — No.1000 DeMeta will be available for free on DeHorizon official website.

Let’s kick-off it and become DeHorizon Metaverse Human!