Singapore-based beauty platform, e-beauty, has developed a DNA home-test kit to help consumers discover the full spectrum of their own individual traits and information related to skin, fitness and nutrition. A DNA test allows one to discover their genetic abilities, genetic behavioural traits, disease risk factors and fitness profiles.

Developed with Asian genetics in mind and with data from over 9,000 whole-genome sequences from SingaporeMalaysiaChinaJapan, Korean and other Asian countries, e-beauty’s modified Asian Screening Array (ASA) technology provides the most accurate DNA results for Asians. The ASA technology is highly efficacious and has been used to identify more than 750,000 gene loci and is able to accurately detect mutation sites closely associated to the onset of diseases.  Besides using DNA analysis to identify one’s personality, physical traits and potential, DNA analysis has also recently gained popularity as the basis for better nutrition and weight management, drugs and disease management, overall health and even one’s complexion.

e-beauty decided to base its technology in Singapore, and has collaborated with various laboratories, such as A*STAR (Agency of Science, Technology and Research)’s Institute of Bioengineering & Bioimaging on gDNA extraction, where all DNA samples are carefully extracted and purified before they are sent for genetic analysis.

gDNA (Genomic DNA) contains all the genetic, chromosomal material of an organism. It encodes all the components necessary for life. gDNA extraction separates genetic material from the rest of the cell (proteins, RNA, cell membranes). Using extracted and purified gDNA, scientists can then study individual genes, sequence the entire genome, and more.

How Do the DNA Kits work?

e-beauty has 3 types of DNA Kits that allow users to discover different aspects of themselves. The kits require only saliva from users to classify and highlight over 50 categories and 379 traits and characteristics of the user. These traits span hereditary cancers, personality and personal characteristics as well as the risk of developing complex diseases.

After registering and activating the DNA self-test kit online, users are directed to collect their own saliva samples (recommended measurements are given) and send them off to the laboratory for analysis. After analysis (10-15 working days), users will receive a detailed, customised DNA report. A complimentary, private consultation will be conducted to provide a report run-through and detailed product/ingredient recommendations for each user.

e-beauty also provides an AI-driven (artificial Intelligence) skincare product recommendation based on the DNA report, and one-on-one consultations with experts, such as doctors, scientists, personal trainers, beauticians and even Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners to help users achieve their desired goals.

Explains Thomas Chan, Tech Director of e-beauty, “The personalised beauty industry has really taken off in the past decade, and consumers want to be part of the process, and discover what makes their skin, hair and overall wellness unique to them. They are also interested in the overall science associated with DNA and how technology can be integrated for them. So, what we do is match the most suitable skincare, health supplements, and disease preventive solutions for our customers by combining their DNA with artificial intelligence – it’s targeted, precise, and extensive.  And the beauty about doing a DNA test is that you only need to do it once in your lifetime.”

Advancing The Beauty and Wellness Industry

e-beauty is also collaborating with beauty and wellness centres in Singapore and Asia such as Beauty 100 Skincare and Slimming Centre – to use their DNA test kits to better serve their clients.  With the introduction of this easy-to-use and understand DNA technology in easy-to-read reports, beauticians, therapists, doctors will be able to better advise their clients on what will work better for them.  Rather than stabbing in the dark and multiple trial and errors, using a science-based approach with insightful DNA data will surely elevate the level of health and beauty consultancy and care given to clients.

Appendix A shows the 3 available DNA kits, their prices and what they provide.

Appendix B is e-Beauty’s product brochure and packaging.

Appendix C shows e-Beauty’s mobile interface.

Hi-Res visuals here.