Doo Prime’s Trading Volume Ranks 22nd in The Latest Global Industry’s Quarterly Report


Doo Prime, an international pre-eminent online broker is triumphantly ranked 22nd among thousands of forex and CFD brokers in the world for its trading volumes.

This ranking is based on the reported data by a renowned financial technology media, Finance Magnates through the third quarter industry report (Intelligence Report) that summarizes the latest overview of the global brokerage industry quarterly.

The report illustrates that the average trading volume of global forex and CFDs in the third quarter of 2020 sits at US$289 billion per day and US$6,358 billion per month respectively with Doo Prime’s trading volume stretching as high as US$3 billion per day and US$65 billion per month.

Additionally, the report also signifies that about 59% of international forex or CFD transactions are conducted through MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MT5 platforms with the overall transaction volume have increased from US$3.21 trillion to US$3.74 trillion quarterly. Doo Prime’s trading volume on MT4 and MT5 ranks 13th in the world.

At present, Doo Prime has more than 16,000 active users and the per capita transaction volume goes as high as US$4.06 million. It exceeds the global average by 53%.

As a result, it has led Doo Prime to this achievement and won a prominent position in the industry alongside other long-established and internationally renowned brokers such as IC Markets, IG Group, and Plus500.

For more information regarding the report, readers can view it here. 

In recent years, Doo Prime’s business has grown rapidly, with a soaring trading volume that has repeatedly hit new records.

Since establishing its business in 2014, Doo Prime has been committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, and convenient global financial asset investment services, efficiently for customers to respond to market changes immediately.

With years of continuous diligence and development contributed in the financial field, this success proves Doo Prime’s dedication in gaining the recognition and trust of the customers.

Although the new crown epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the world, Doo Prime is still striving to provide customers with superior trading services and lead a new era of globalization driven by financial technology.

SOURCE Doo Prime