ESKUTE Rolls Out Product Upgrades for 2023


ESKUTE, a fast-growing e-bike company, is rolling out a series of product upgrades to its product range in response to positive demand for its two-wheelers from the market.

As the company expanded, ESKUTE’s product sales grew rapidly in 2022. The company has listened fully to customers’ needs and aims to provide a better riding experience for them this year. Among the highlights of the upgrades is the new series of Torque sensors, equipped with ESKUTE’s self-developed intelligence Pedal Assist System (IntelligentPas), meaning riders can better save battery life and use their two-wheelers for longer.

The market response to ESKUTE’s products was positive across the board. Enrico Punsalang, a motorcycle enthusiast and writer at RideApart and InsideEVs commented, “I already have a Netuno and Netuno pro, and they give me a different riding experience. The Netuno pro’s torque sensor makes the pedal assist feel much more natural and intuitive, and they’re a pretty awesome piece of kit to have on electric bikes. If you actually like to pedal your e-bike (as opposed to just using the throttle), then a torque sensor is a better choice. ”

As part of the new improvements for this year, the Netuno and Polluno have been upgraded to Plus models through the use of the IntelligencePas technology. The polluno battery has also been improved from 36V 14.5AH cells to 36V 20AH, providing users with a 30% increase in range and also extending the service life of the whole bike by 30%. The motor has also been improved, going from the previous BAFANG G010 250W to a BAGANG G020 250W, thereby raising the torque. This means users don’t have to work as hard to get their pedals moving on their two-wheeler. ESKUTE has also added a 26-inch version for those with a smaller frame and added a new white-color version to give more riding options for users.

Besides the upgrades, ESKUTE is also launching a brand-new e-bike model this year, the Star, which is a folding fat-tire electric bike. The new model is portable and storable while also powerful, comfortable, and ready for anything that users throw at it. This compact two-wheeler can easily fit inside riders’ closets at home or under their desks in the office, thereby adding to its almost infinite portability! Equipped with 4″ fat tires and a front suspension fork, users will be all set to cruise the pavements and conquer the trails on this e-bike!

Looking beyond ESKUTE’s upgrades for its products and new models this year, ESKUTE is also taking aim at improving its customer service offering. This drive includes building a global customer service system comprised of local customer call centers in Germany, the UK, and the US to ensure user inquiries receive immediate responses. This move is part of ESKUTE’s efforts to triple its turnover compared with last year and provide more and more green mobility solutions to people all around the world.