Donisi Health Named 2021’s “Future Unicorn” by E&T Magazine


E&T Magazine, the official publication of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), presented its “Future Unicorn” award to Donisi Health (Donisi), a MedTech company enabling patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and other chronic diseases monitor their health status.  Donisi has the only clinically validated, contact-free technology that can detect signs of pulmonary congestion remotely, supporting the continuum of care for remote patient monitoring and hospital-at-home services.

Based upon FDA-cleared technology and backed by 11 granted patents,  Donisi’s AI-based system detects and analyzes multiple health bio-indicators simultaneously, delivering clinically meaningful insights and notifications of changes in key health indicators.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award from E&T Magazine confirming Donisi is on the right path to bringing a disruptive solution to meaningfully impact patient health,” said Donisi’s CEO, Yair Brosh.  “We are focused on applying our breakthrough technology to address real unmet needs, starting with the high readmission rate for CHF patients leaving the hospital who need to monitor pulmonary congestion at home.  We greatly appreciate this recognition of our team’s efforts.”

IET President Sir Julian Young said: “These annual awards celebrate the achievements of the most outstanding innovators across engineering and technology.  Our finalists come from a diverse range of companies and academic institutions from across the world, with their innovations tackling major economic and societal challenges.  With the IET’s mission to inspire excellence in engineering and technology, we are so proud to demonstrate our support, putting ground-breaking innovations in the spotlight and helping to advance this essential and fundamental work.”

The first, and only, medical device to receive FDA clearance for detection of multiple cardiopulmonary health indicators without physical contact with the patient, Donisi’s system applies proprietary optics, algorithms, and artificial intelligence to remotely detect and analyze surface-level nano-vibrations caused by the function of internal organs such as the heart and lungs.  Clinical results demonstrate that Donisi’s technology maintains medical grade accuracy for people with different medical and physical conditions (physique, skin tone, etc.), without needing to remove clothing or connect the patient to wires or patches.