Mitrade Partners With Azupay for Real-Time Payments


The Australian Forex and OTC derivatives trading broker Mitrade announces partnership with NPP-powered payment platform Azupay to make deposits and withdrawal of funds fast, smart, and secure for its customers in Australia.

Mitrade is a leading Forex trading platform from Australia. Since its restructuring of team and resources in 2018, Mitrade consistently pursued a mission to bring simplicity in trading through innovation. Azupay is an innovative fintech company and a leader in consumer-to-business payment solutions in Australia. It uses PayID and New Payments Platform (NPP) to power its consumer-to-business transactions.

“We are delighted to announce that Mitade is collaborating with Azupay to smooth out our payment process. Now Mitrade users in Australia can transfer payments in real time without delay in the clearance of funds. Mitrade users can deposit funds instantly in their Mitrade accounts whenever they want to enter the market and trade forex, as well as commodities, major indices, shares and more. We thank our customers who stood by us and supported us through the years and made it possible for us to grow to this level. Without their trust, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Our team is consistently working on integrating Mitrade with the latest technologies to make investment and trading intuitive and fast,” said a representative of Mitrade.

Mitrade launched a self-developed trading platform in 2019. Shortly after that it launched mobile apps for iOS and Android. Its WebTrader and mobile apps garnered massive positive response from the public. As of today, Mitrade’s app on Google Play has received over 1 million downloads.

“This partnership will help our customers deposit funds in their Mitrade accounts anytime, anywhere, without worrying about clearance delays,” added the representative of Mitrade, “In line with our mission to simplify Forex trading, we have streamlined our payments system. Mitrade is devoted to ensuring transparency in all trading transactions. Our collaboration with Azupay will bring us one step closer to reduce fraud and bring more clarity in the execution of trading transactions.”

Mitrade has quickly grown into a 1,100,000-user family in less than three years on the back of robust risk management, transaction transparency, extensive research tools, and a super-responsive customer service. Mitrade has been featured on Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance and Associated Press. To see feature articles about Mitrade, please visit

“Our collaboration with Mitrade will bode well for both companies and Mitrade’s customers. Our real-time, low-cost payment system ensures instant funds transfer for consumers and businesses. Now Mitrade customers in Australia can deposit or withdraw money in their Mitrade accounts in seconds. There will be no delayed transfers over the weekends or during public holidays. Azupay works 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure each payment arrives on time, always. Mitrade customers will use a system-generated unique pay ID to deposit funds, which makes the transaction fast and secure. Similarly, Mitrade will use an ID as well to transfer funds instantly in their consumers’ bank accounts. Azupay ensures zero clearance time for funds. We believe our long-term strategic partnership with Mitrade will benefit all stakeholders, especially our users,” said a representative of Azupay.

Azupay is a leader in innovative fintech in Australia and is integrated with most accounting systems and ERP like Xero. Its Azupay-powered PayID for Xero is the winner for Xero Emerging App of the Year. Some of the most noteworthy partnerships with Azupay are Service NSW, a government service in New South Wales for people and businesses, and Precinct, a division of the world’s leading cash management provider, Prosegur. Azupay has been frequently featured on the Australian Financial Review. Azupay is independent of banks so customers can continue to transfer funds using their Azupay account after switching their bank accounts or banks.

“Azupay changed the way people pay in Australia,” added the representative of Azupay, “By partnering with Mitrade, we aim to expand our business client base and bring a large section of Australian consumer base into the folds of smart digital economy. Our swift payment system will make Forex trading easier for Mitrade users. What brings Azupay and Mitrade close is our innovative spirit and a strong urge to simplify the user experience for our users. Our dedicated team is consistently working to innovate and minimize fraud in digital payment transactions.”

Mitrade has over 400 tradable products which include shares, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and indices. This product diversity, coupled with cutting-edge features like economic calendar, trading strategy, and trading education, has made Mitrade a powerful customer magnet. Mitrade has put in place a self-regulatory transparency mechanism that oversees pricing data and information about products This transparency system has significantly fuelled the growth of Mitrade.

Mitrade has won several awards including the Most Innovative Broker 2022 and the Best Trading Platform 2022 by FxDailyInfo and the Most Transparent Forex Broker Global 2022 by International Business Magazine. To view the full award list, please refer to