Social Entertainment Platform GazeTV Launches: Creating a Revolutionary Tokenized Ecosystem, Rewarding Audiences And Creators By The Second


The revolutionary social entertainment platform has officially launched in Hong Kong. Breaking the convention of online video platforms, GazeTV takes advantage of blockchain technology to increase data transparency and ease management on the platform. Its offering of tokenomic incentives and rewards is designed to enhance the engagement and the reciprocal relationship between content creators and audience.

The fact being that traditional social entertainment platforms lack transparency – most content creators are only able to earn small advertising fees through in-stream advertisements. It is difficult for creators to predict the revenue they can make from a video. Moreover, the frequent in-stream advertisements are disturbance for viewers. GazeTV attempts to give solutions to those issues with the application of Ethereum Blockchain technology and the introduction of the unique tokenized rewards system “GAZE”.

The GAZE system is designed to incentivize the Gazers by measuring the uploaded video duration as well as the engagement of viewers by second. Viewers’ activities on the platform such as the number of views, likes, comments and the sharing of videos will be measured.

On the GazeTV platform, creators are able to customize the theme of the videos they made and set the price for viewing. Audience can either pay to unlock the contents of a particular video or make a direct donation to the content creator.

One of the edges of the platform is automated content synchronization. This allows creators to import content from any of the multiple compatible platforms to GazeTV. GazeTV was soft launched in Hong Kong with private access on 30th March 2021 while it goes live to the general public today.

Currently the platform provides over 360,000 minutes of video content featuring sports, music, arts and more. The platform has attracted a number of local big names, for example, Gramatik, one of the well-known electronic musician and crypto-artists and Graphy have already started an official channel on GazeTV platform. Thousands of thousands of creators and audience worldwide are expected to join.

The Unique Tokenized Reward Mechanism, a Technological Breakthrough

GazeTV allows Gazers to earn rewards through the content creation and consumption. The reward mechanism is operated on a hybrid model which includes on-chain and off-chain automation. There are multiple rewards, for example Content Upload Reward, Engagement Reward, and Bounty Program.

GazeTV promotes a culture of direct support in the Gazer community. Audience can use their tokens (reward) to unlock paid-content, or directly pay to creators. The arrangement is designed to strengthen the audience-creator relationship and motivate creators to produce even better content. Creators can freely set the price of the contents they produce and manage them with just a few clicks.

Enhancing Creators’ and Viewers’ Experience:

Easy Content Synchronization and No In-Stream Ads

GazeTV provides an automated content synchronization feature. Creators can easily bring their content from other platforms such as Facebook and more than 455 million WordPress sites to their GazeTV channels in a few easy steps, saving time on uploading videos. GazeTV also provides detailed data analysis for creators’ reference in the backend. Through simple graphs, creators can gauge the demographics of their audiences, including viewing habits, interests, age, location etc., and thus adjust their content to better accommodate their target audience. GazeTV also aims to improve the users’ experience by removing all in-stream ads so viewers can focus on the video contents.

The “Gazer-lization” Strategy and Roadmap

Mr. Jack Cheng, Co-founder of GazeTV says, “At GazeTV, we’re addressing the inadequacy of the existing social entertainment platforms with our mission – Every second counts. Instead of having the content creators uploading content and the audience viewing on the platform, GazeTV attempts to introduce a reciprocity model, namely tokenomic model, which gives back to the Gazer community. We highly treasure the engagement of creators and audience.”

According to GazeTV roadmap, the platform development is divided into 3 phases, each with different objectives.

Phase 1 “Gaze Age”: focus on the promotion of the right path of technology and functionalities.

Phase 2 “Gazer-lization” : aim to become a complete socialization application for everyday use.

Phase 3 “Gaze Space” which is well-kept secret.