ACX’s technology to power Indonesia Carbon Exchange


ACX (AirCarbon Exchange), operating its proprietary regulated environmental asset trading platform, is the technology provider for Indonesia’s carbon exchange hosted and operated by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) after a competitive Request for Proposal process.

Launched on 26th September 2023, with its first carbon trades, Indonesia’s official carbon exchange, IDXCarbon, will play a vital role in reducing Indonesia’s carbon emissions and driving Indonesia’s transition to reach net zero emissions by 2060.

“With ACX support, IDXCarbon has reached a key milestone towards achieving net zero emission in 2060 or sooner. We anticipate a thriving and enduring collaboration with ACX that will continue to drive innovation and success, as the Indonesian carbon market develops.” said Iman Rachman, President Director of IDX

IDXCarbon has been customised by ACX to meet the country’s unique requirements, as well as aligned with Indonesian institutions, including the National Registry System for Climate Change Control (SRN-PPI). This will ensure the exchange is compliant with Indonesia’s standards and procedures, as well as the requirements recently established by the OJK, the country’s financial services authority. ACX provides a complete end-to-end solution that utilises blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and auditability of all trades transacted on the exchange. With that, the exchange will play a central role and promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the Indonesian carbon market.

“We are honoured to be the technology provider for Indonesia’s carbon exchange and to contribute towards the country’s vision of a fair and inclusive carbon ecosystem,” said Thomas McMahon, co-CEO and co-Founder of ACX. “Our end-to-end solution will enable the exchange to provide comprehensive services. This will make it easier for companies to access and participate in the carbon market, ultimately driving down Indonesia’s carbon emissions and contributing to global sustainability efforts.”

Hum Wei Mei, Head of APAC and Global Head of Environmental Products, said: “Indonesia has a critical role to play in international climate action while IDXCarbon is at the heart of ensuring that Indonesia’s carbon market progresses as envisioned. As the technology provider to IDXCarbon, ACX is committed to working closely with IDX to implement a highly customised, iconic and state-of-the-art carbon exchange which will act as critical supporting infrastructure for Indonesia’s long-term plans & interests in emissions trading, carbon markets & climate action.”

With a global footprint covering Asia, the Middle EastEurope, North and South America, ACX has demonstrated itself to be a leading technology provider with a proven track record of designing and implementing carbon trading system worldwide, leveraging the company’s expertise and experience to ensure a robust and reliable platform for trading environmental assets.


ICIS Natural Gas Benchmarks now available on the Bloomberg Terminal


ICIS, a global source of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services, has announced that the ICIS European Gas benchmarks data is now available on the Bloomberg Terminal to mutual clients.

The independent benchmarks, price assessments and indices published by ICIS are traded across the European gas market and its Dutch TTF and British NBP benchmark price assessments are referenced globally.

ICIS provides unparalleled pricing and analysis across a range of continental European gas markets including Germany (NCG/Gaspool), Italy (PSV), France (PEG), Belgium (Zeebrugge/ZTP), Austria (VTP), Spain (PVB), Czech RepublicSlovakiaHungary and Turkey.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, plus an increasingly connected and commoditised worldwide natural gas market mean that now more than ever, there is a need for those operating in gas markets to reliably access trusted pricing information and market analysis. Subscribers of the Bloomberg Terminal trading natural gas and LNG will now have seamless access to all ICIS European Gas benchmark pricing, which better enables them to understand the impact of European gas prices on markets and how price movements can deeply influence the outcomes of trading and strategic decision-making.

This exciting new access to ICIS data promises traders, analysts, investors, and portfolio managers improved access to more comprehensive market information from within their existing workflows, enabling them to make quicker, more informed decisions, realise new opportunities, and better manage risk. ICIS pricing data will be accessible on the Bloomberg Terminal within the commodity product catalogue, COMM , which allows users to discover ICIS forward curves and the commodity spot price discoverability tool, SPOT , for price assessments. Users can also find more information by visiting the ICIS homepage on the Bloomberg Terminal by visiting ICSE . In addition, mutual clients of ICIS and Bloomberg can take advantage integrating the content into their existing workflows.

Lucy King, Global Business Director for Partnerships at ICIS, said, “As gas markets continue to mature and globalise, European natural gas prices are increasingly impacting markets globally and the need for accurate and timely pricing information continues to grow. At ICIS our aim is to bring transparency and independence to the market, and ensure vital data and analysis are delivered where and when our customers need it. We’re delighted that, together with Bloomberg, we are able to give Bloomberg users access to our benchmark natural gas pricing and provide the energy industry with the actionable insight it needs.”

“The recent market volatility has had an unprecedented impact on economies and presented great challenges for financial professionals. These challenges make access to high quality data even more vital,” said Emilie Gallagher, Global Head of Commodities and FX Core Products at Bloomberg. “The ICIS Dutch TTF and British NBP gas assessments are referenced throughout the world and represent an industry reference point for trading in the European gas market. Our work to bring ICIS data to Bloomberg clients will further increase the intelligence available to them as they react to market changes and monitor the pricing dynamics between physical and financially traded commodities.”