Gravity Game Hub (GGH) PTE.LTD, a subsidiary of GRAVITY Co., Ltd. (NasdaqGM: GRVY) has announced the Closed Beta Test (CBT) date for their newest P2E PC Online Game, Ragnarok Landverse. It is the first Ragnarok Online PC game integrated with blockchain technology, and players across South-East Asia (excluding Indonesia & Thailand), MENA, IndiaAfrica, and Oceania will be able to join the Closed Beta Test from June 29 at 10 a.m. to July 12 at 10 a.m. GMT+8.

The CBT phase provides an exclusive opportunity for players to provide feedback and shape the final product as the developers work towards perfecting the game’s features and functionality. By participating in the CBT, players get a first-hand experience of the game’s P2E features, such as the NFT Marketplace and Mining System.

Ragnarok Landverse Closed Beta Events and Rewards

To participating Ragnarok Landverse Closed Beta, players have to complete the pre-registration first. The Ragnarok Landverse CBT Account and Password will be distribute to all Pre-Registered emails.

In addition to exploring the game, players will receive a wide variety of amazing and exclusive rewards during the CBT. These rewards will help give players an edge on their Ragnarok Landverse journey.

Tons of events await, players can participate in CBT Race where they level up to attain attractive rewards like exclusive titles. Players who help to report bugs during the Bug Slayer event can also receive extra rewards for their hard work! To kickstart the launch of CBT, Ragnarok Landverse will also be holding CBT weekend boosts and daily giveaways will be announced on Ragnarok Landverse social media channels, along with other social media events. Head on to Ragnarok Landverse’s Official Website for more information!

Important : The CBT account, including all characters created, items obtained during the Closed Beta phase, will be RESET (Deleted).

Ragnarok Landverse Core Features

  • NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace creates a fair and efficient place for players trade Ragnarok Landverse NFT Items among each other. It reflects live details of relevant game NFT Items that are stored in the player’s crypto wallet and extend earn features. Ragnarok Landverse NFT items can be trade through MAXION’s Marketplace platform.

  • Mining System

The Mining System provides an avenue to generate income. By successfully extracting ore through this system, players can acquire Adamantine Fragments. Which can be refined into Adamantine (ADAM) Tokens in-game, and can be utilized to upgrade the character’s equipment. ADAM is a utility token that can be exchanged for USDC, allowing players to earn digital financial assets.

  • Retro Visual Graphics

Ragnarok Landverse stands out due to its unique visual style which combines sprites and polygons. Character and player models are based on sprites, while towns, fields, and dungeons are rendered in polygons, making it reminiscent of retro RPGs from the era of gaming’s golden age.

  • Unique Monster Loot System

Various details on monster drops have been altered in Ragnarok Landverse. Monsters will now drop only loot boxes and cards, enabling players to pick opponents according to their tastes without worrying about getting a certain item. Players can open loot boxes with their stamina to receive random drops from a wide range of items.

  • Extensive PVE and PVP content

With an extensive history of 20 years, Ragnarok Online provides numerous maps and classes and a variety of instance dungeons and PVP arenas, allowing players the choice to hunt down the hardest creatures in Rune Midgard or participate in our biweekly Guild vs. Guild War of Emperium.

  • Hybrid PK System

In Ragnarok Landverse, an array of maps is designed to incorporate PvP elements, allowing players the freedom to compete against one another. Build and develop your characters to battle others in various PK maps. Conquer and dominate the area to gather resources!

  • Skill Limit Break System

Unlock your character’s full potential by releasing the cap on your passive talent and challenging your characters to their absolute boundaries.

And there will be tons of upcoming new features and contents in Ragnarok Landverse which will be released regularly in the future.