Chief of REDPHARMA wins two Business Worldwide Magazine 2021 CEO Awards


The head of Belgium based healthcare marketing company REDPHARMA has been named twice in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards. Paul Moreau was the outright winner in two categories; ‘Most Innovative CEO in Healthcare Marketing and Communications’ & ‘Growth Strategy CEO of the Year – Belgium‘.

The awards celebrate innovative, influential CEOs from companies all around the world. Rather than focusing on the companies as a whole, as many business awards do, instead the focus here is on the personalities that drive these organisations forward, in turn inspiring others to achieve similar successes.

REDPHARMA specialises in marketing solutions that help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies reach their full potential. This has always been a competitive market, but since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic the industry has found itself under even greater pressure, with many struggling to keep up with demand or stand out from their competitors. It’s also an industry that has been slow to adopt modern communications strategies, so REDPHARMA is here to help healthcare companies adopt marketing methods that really work for them.

Paul Moreau and his team help REDPHARMA’s clients navigate the complex evolution of the healthcare industry, offering a range of services from consultancy and training to voucher and loyalty schemes. The company also offers groundbreaking digital marketing solutions that help healthcare firms bring their products to life and build strong relationships with customers.

Paul has an intrinsic understanding of how customers think and how to target marketing campaigns accordingly, as well as using secure analysis tools to give unprecedented insights. His deep knowledge of how the pharmaceutical industry is evolving and the role of technology, coupled with exemplary leadership and entrepreneurial skills, has seen the REDPHARMA brand go from strength to strength since its inception in 2010.

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