Intelligent Audit Named a 2021 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider by Inbound Logistics

Intelligent Audit, the renowned leader in global multi-modal freight audit and transportation spend analytics, once again has been recognized among Inbound Logistics magazine’s 2021 Top 100 Logistics IT Providers.

The list is released annually in April, and is the result of examining more than 400 companies to assess the overall fitness and quality of IT solutions. That includes a review of customer feedback, questionnaires, personal interviews, and additional research.

Intelligent Audit was named for its continuous dedication to superior customer service and easy-to-use analytics. The expertise of Intelligent Audit is unmatched and seamlessly unifies shippers’ data streams, normalizes and cleanses data, and provides actionable insights through 750 standard reports. Using proprietary technology and strategic, dedicated account managers, Intelligent Audit can successfully enable real-time insights to enable cost saving strategies starting on day one.

Intelligent Audit was also the first company to automate freight bill audit and payment, examining 150+ data points across all modes to identify service, invoicing, and contractual issues that require intervention. Real-time alerts and anomaly detection have further pushed the goals of Intelligent Audit forward.

Richard Perry, VP of Strategic Accounts, said this about the inclusion:

“We are pleased to have been included once more on Inbound Logistics’ annual list of IT providers. With this signature achievement under our belt, we can further the goals of carrier optimization and transportation spend management more effectively and with greater strength.”

Meanwhile, Hannah Testani, recently named CEO of Intelligent Audit, further noted:

“As Intelligent Audit grows and looks to great horizons, I am excited to see how the organization will change and leverage opportunities in the coming year. While this is not the first time for winning inclusion by Inbound Logistics, it is a clear sign that we are on the right track and providing a measurable, quantifiable benefit and value to our clients.”

Intelligent Audit’s unique position, leveraging technology to create more than 750 standard reports, enabling transparency into transportation optimization (including parcel), and streamlined payments through a federally regulated banking institution, Triumph Bancorp, Inc., provides a continued layer of support and transparency for Intelligent Audit clients. It’s also a clear indication that shippers can and finally will enhance visibility with the right solutions that have a meaningful impact.


Supply & Demand Chain Executive Names Richard Perry and Jorie Ramsaur of Intelligent Audit Pros to Know for 2021


Intelligent Audit, an enterprise leader in freight audit and payment and provider of business intelligence and advanced analytics for optimized transportation spend management and carrier network modeling, is proud to announce two team members are “2021 Pros to Know,” as selected by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The award showcases leading executives who have helped their companies attain a competitive advantage and build a forward-looking strategy.

The two “2021 Pros to Know,” Jorie Ramsaur and Richard Perry, are strategic leaders embracing the role of VP of Strategic Accounts. The award is a testament to Intelligent Audit’s company culture that puts the customer at the heart of every service and technology solution.

Last year, Hannah Testani, who recently stepped into the role of CEO of Intelligent Audit, was named a “2020 Pro to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The recognition of additional Intelligent Audit team members as “Pros to Know” emphasizes the increased interest in advanced analytics as a way for enterprise companies to improve transportation spend management.

Richard Perry had this to say about the award:
“It was inspiring to receive this recognition, as I’m very passionate about customer experience and helping other supply chain leaders achieve success in various measures. The pandemic and our return have been challenging at best, as supply chain leaders are forced to look for ways to be more efficient and reduce cost, and in some cases, attempt to stay neutral and out the red. Intelligent Audit has given me the keys to help customers quickly unlock powerful insights into their transportation networks, and understanding is the first step in knowing what to do next. Thank you to everyone who recognized me for this award, as I’m sure we have helped each other along the way.”

Jorie Ramsaur went on to describe her thoughts on the prestigious recognition:

The recognition by Supply & Demand Chain Executive is incredibly meaningful and validates the time and effort that I give toward our customers day in and day out. Every customer is different, so understanding their individual needs and leveraging advanced analytics enables us to quickly identify further cost savings initiatives that align with their strategic goals. My experience in the industry allows me to provide strong account management support to my customers well after the sales process has ended, and I know that means the world to them.”

And Hannah Testani further added her views:

“The recognition by Supply & Demand Chain Executive for both Richard and Jorie is not surprising. It tells the story of Intelligent Audit in that our commitment to connect and share data with our network is absolute. We focus on building a better transportation management strategy through accountability, data collection, data normalization, and advanced analytics technology all backed by strong personalized account management. Together, we look forward to seeing what will happen as recovery continues and how the whole Intelligent Audit team empowers  shippers to improve decision-making and recapture wasted spend.”

The industry has clearly taken notice of the established and groundbreaking leadership Intelligent Audit offers the market by deploying a strong account management culture backed by advanced analytics and business intelligence.