Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023: Hiconics Brings Accountable Residential Power Supply Solutions for Off-Grid and Outage Users


Hiconics Eco-Energy Drive Technology (“Hiconics”, SHE300048), a green energy brand under Midea Industrial Technology, is poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023 event, taking place from Nov. 29 – 30. The company will be showcasing its latest residential energy storage solution from the renowned MINERY and WISDOM series, marking its second appearance at the exhibition in Germany.

The MINERGY and WISDOM series cover a wide span of home energy storage solutions, from single-phase, three-phase, and an all-in-one integrated battery to split-type energy storage, providing a reliable and continuous power supply for off-grid users and those affected by power outages, and intelligent green energy strategies for users with photovoltaic systems.

“Hiconics is devoted to becoming a leader in residential energy storage products and solutions, with a focus on enhancing product safety, convenience, and intelligence,” said Dennis Lee, General Manager of Hiconics Overseas Sales Company.

WISDOM series offers a battery capacity spanning 13.8-69 kWh, supporting 100% three-phase imbalance, and a maximum single-phase imbalance output of 30%. The product series is designed with multiple reliability features to ensure the dependable operation of the battery, load, and overall household storage system:

  • The battery interface’s charging and discharging current collection accuracy is up to 3%, making it battery system-friendly.
  • The voltage and current harmonics are kept within 3%, making it friendly to household loads and enhancing load safety.
  • The BMS uses automotive-grade chips and electrical architecture design to boost system safety and reliability.
  • Moreover, the WISDOM product adheres to ASIL B-level functional safety standards while offering up to 2% insulation detection accuracy for personal safety protection and includes a built-in aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device for added safety.

Hiconics is revolutionizing the residential energy storage solutions market by offering more than just “energy storage”. They are providing support for energy resource management to meet the growing consumer demand for comfort and green living. The WISDOM series products feature an energy management app that uses AI algorithms to manage energy dispatch. The app, by calculating various factors such as environment, load, and power supply, can dynamically adjust energy strategies in real-time. It customizes home energy strategies for each user, from plan formulation, implementation, and feedback to intelligent adjustment, based on the user’s customized energy goals.

The app’s energy monitoring function can realize real-time energy flow and download history records. Energy management can be achieved by setting up local electric prices, peak load shifting situations, and ratios of self-generation and self-consumption strategy customization, providing energy strategy support for residential users. It can also link energy and home appliance systems, equipped with the IFTTT (If This Then That) platform, breaking brand barriers and building a diverse energy ecosystem.

With the WISDOM series, device management is made easy during the installation phase. Depending on the role, be it a business administrator or an installer, permissions can be set. The Smart Home app from Midea allows for the swift configuration of devices that need installation and parameter debugging. The series is user-friendly, supporting seven languages including English and German, and offers quick configuration, device fault monitoring, and an alarm in the app.

Founded in 2003 and publicly listed in 2010, Hiconics joined the Midea Group in 2020. As a pivotal player in Midea Group’s green energy endeavors, the company has a comprehensive portfolio that spans residential energy storage, VFDs, and distributed photovoltaic power stations.