Highlights: Day One of BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai


Yesterday, the inaugural BSV Global Blockchain Convention Kicked off at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. The three-day convention, hosting over 2,000 in-person and virtual attendees, as well as over one hundred businesses, features a variety of speakers and panel discussions centered around the power and real world applications of the BSV blockchain. Day one of the convention focused on presentations and conversations around blockchain scaling, gaming, the metaverse, NFTs and more.

For those who could not attend but are interested in catching up on the latest announcements and innovations, a recording of the entire conference and subsequent sessions are available here.

Key highlights and announcements from day one includes:

Buzzmint announcing a digital twin of a Renoir painting at auction

Buzzmint, a company that enables brands to create tokens quickly and easily and NFTs of their digital assets to then market and sell via a fully integrated storefront, formally announced the impending auction of Pierre August Renoir’s ‘Gabrielle Holding a Mirror with a Portrait of Coco.’ The listed price is currently $3 million, and the winning bidder will receive the physical painting as well as its digital NFT twin.

Connecting the real world to the metaverse with Transmira

The first-ever metaverse platform to seamlessly blend augmented reality and virtual reality, Transmira Omniscape will feature 3D maps of real cities that will enable users to buy virtual real estate then commodify it for use in the real world. Suppose a coffee shop chooses to drop an NFT outside its virtual shop, or an arena wants to sell virtual seats to an upcoming concert, Omniscape is intended to provide these types of real-world capabilities.

In summarizing his vision of the metaverse, Transmira co-founder Robert Rice said, “I like to define [the metaverse] as the total of all of the data and information of everything digital that surrounds us but presented in a way that’s more immersive and more interactive, whether it’s through augmented reality or virtual reality.”

Making blockchain use accessible with Gate2Chain

Gate2Chain makes blockchain integration for businesses more accessible through its extensive suite of tools. Now, instead of having extensive blockchain knowledge, only basic coding experience is required to complete a build of this magnitude.

Describing the platform, co-founder and COO Joe Holles de Peyer said, “For blockchain to really deliver on its promises, we need to get to work changing the mindset. We want to help people move from mass opportunism to mass opportunity.”

Gate2Chain also announced their partnership with TRUEWORLD Organization. This partnership will enable real-time monitoring of environmental indicators and sustainability claims. The capabilities sit on a dynamically updated platform built by TRUEWORLD, accredited by institutions, and recorded to the blockchain using Gate2Chain.

What We are Hearing Today

The second day of the BSV Global Blockchain Convention will focus on the intersection of blockchain technology with the entertainment, financial services and IoT industries. Topics will include music, sports, payment services, digital assets and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from speakers and moderators like Marc Scarpa, Co-Founder of DeFiance Media; Somi Arian, Founder & CEO of FemPeak; and Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist of nChain.

For those interested in catching the livestream, you can visit coingeek.com or CoinGeek’s YouTube channel. Day two kicks off at 10:00 am GST / 2:00 am EST.