Prodigy launches IDVerifact™, its new, advanced digital identity platform


Prodigy Ventures Inc. (TSXV: PGV) (“Prodigy” or the “Company”) today announced the launch of IDVerifact, a platform designed and developed to simplify the complexity of multiple digital identity solutions.

Demands for digital identity are on the rise. Online stores, regulated products, lottery and igaming, banks, financial service providers and insurers are all looking to protect their customers, their revenues and their brand reputations. Currently, multiple identity verification platforms must be used to ensure trusted transactions, each one addressing only a small part of each individual identity verification requirement.

Prodigy has launched a simplified visual platform to address each one of those needs in a single platform. IDVerifact provides the ability to combine and access a complete suite of leading digital identity providers to meet any business use case. Tom Beckerman, Chairman and CEO of Prodigy, said, “Our mission at Prodigy is to deliver Fintech innovation. We are excited to launch IDVerifact, our new, advanced digital identity platform. There is great demand for this platform, which simplifies the complexities of integrating, customizing and maintaining a broad range of digital identity solutions for enterprises in all sectors.”

Digital identity technology must be flexible enough to easily evolve as new threats and requirements emerge.

George Colwell, Sr. Vice President at IDVerifact said, “There has been explosive growth in the range of digital identity solutions available on the market, with signs of additional momentum in the near future. The advances in digital identity globally, and our partners’ innovations, are a great leap forward. However, enterprise consumption of these various niche solutions still presents the challenges of integration, orchestration, and the continuous innovation and adoption of new digital identity types and solutions. IDVerifact is built to eliminate these complexities. We are excited to help our clients rethink and re-engineer their customer experiences with IDVerifact for rapid adoption, time to market, and value realization from digital identity solutions.”

With IDVerifact, organizations will stay ahead of fraud, quickly identify risk, and ensure compliance while optimizing their ability to grow revenues and improve client experience with digital transactions.