IIIT Hyderabad and its Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Centre (INAI)’s iRaste project has been cited in the International Road Federation (IRF) India Chapter’s prestigious 2023 annual yearbook.

The section of the book on ‘Driver behaviour improvement with collision avoidance systems’ cites the work underway under iRaste project (INAI and iHub-Data), where 340 buses in Nagpur city and 200 buses in Telangana inter-city routes have been fitted with collision warning sensors; anytime a near-accident (collision avoided) incident occurs the data is logged. And all data is analysed to identify grey and blackspots on the roads that are accident prone, and jointly with Central Road Research Institute these grey spots are analysed to identify ways to reduce the collision warning situations. To eventually reduce road accidents and fatalities.

The first pilot phase of the project, popularly referred to as Project Telangana – 20 or ts20, which has been featured in the IRF yearbook is a project on road-safety conducted in the city of Hyderabad, in Telangana, using Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) installed in a fleet of vehicles. The objective of this project was to study the impact of collision alert systems on driver behaviour. The vehicles in this project operated on the roads of Hyderabad and were observed over a period of six months. The project included two phases – a control period, where drivers were observed to set a baseline performance of driving behaviour, followed by observation period, where the change in performance was observed against the baseline performance. This report presents the findings and data analysis from the study. It was observed that presence of a CAS system changed the behaviour of 54% drivers on average to adopt safer driving behaviour, and among those drivers who changed behaviour, the average improvement in driving behaviour was about 34%. From the analysis and results on various aspects in the study, it was concluded that the use of a collision avoidance system leads to a change in behaviour – improved safer driving among drivers. This study paved the way for the iRASTE project – presently ongoing, large-scale ADAS based road safety project with over 350 vehicles in India.

The yearbook is a seminal compilation of major initiatives across the country around roads and road safety and is actively connected to Ministry of Road Transport and other government agencies. The International Road Federation as an organization has a formidable reputation for its work in the field of Road Safety. Its past work has helped provide important inputs for shaping our road policies. The IRF India Chapter yearbook 2023 on Safe Roads & Safe Mobility will influence a large number of people to come forward and contribute to the cause of Road Safety. This will be an enabler to reduce the fatalities on the roads.

Commenting on the validation of their research by a reputable entity such as the International Road Federation (IRF), Prof C V Jawahar, Dean, R&D IIITH said, “We are happy that our TS-20 study on the effectiveness of ADAS systems, first of its kind in India, using real data from 20 vehicles and drivers covering half-a-million kilometers in 6 months, has been feaured in the IRF Yearbook 2023. This study paved the way for the iRASTE project – presently ongoing, large-scale ADAS based road safety project with over 350 vehicles in India.”


CIE-IIITH’s Deeptech, Medtech and MediaTech Accelerators Winter 2022 cohort commences with 9 startups


Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IIIT Hyderabad (CIE-IIITH) announced the onboarding of 9 startups for its combined accelerator cohorts Avishkar DeepTech accelerator (Cohort 16), Ojas Medtech accelerator (Cohort 9) and MediaTech accelerator (Cohort 2). Since the launch of accelerators in 2016, 39 startups have been in the accelerator programs in several advanced tech areas like AI/ML, IoT, and digital health with about 53% of them raising follow-on funding.

The Accelerator commencement happened for all shortlisted startups on 18 November 2022 in the presence of CIE’s panel of mentors and experts from the industry. From an overwhelming application pool of 120+ startups, the selection committee shortlisted 9 startups for the program from domains of brain modulation, XR, health diagnosis, digital health, AI, Computer Vision, Edutainment and Advertising.

The accelerator programs offer shortlisted startups up to INR 40L Seed Fund along with a detailed 6-month program that proffers 4 streams of mentorship – Business Strategy, GoToMarket Plan, Technical Review and domain-specific mentorship. The program is facilitated jointly with Co-creation Consulting, Arka media works and SucSeed Indovation Fund. Resident mentors for the program guide accelerator startups towards defining a thorough customer segment and business strategy. Key elements of the program include IIITH’s research support, domain mentoring, strategy & GTM planning and market access.

Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, COO CIE-IIITH says, “This flagship program of ours enables 15 deep tech startups every year, bringing unique value that is centred around the combination of research and markets strategy. We are very happy that these are all very early-stage startups with extremely promising technology, receiving formal support for the first time.

The startups shortlisted for this cohort are:

  • Avishkar Cohort 16
    • Segritech is a small and affordable automatic grading/sorting solution for fruits and vegetables.
    • Parentheses is a Deep Tech Augmented Intelligence which aims at putting the money back in the customer’s pocket by Maximising Man Machine Margins, through its innovative Hard-Tech platform – HuMaC.
    • Anantadi seamlessly integrate products and brands into entertainment content such as movies, TV shows, music videos, web series and streaming content after post-production. They do this with Digital Product Placement with AI.
  • Ojas Cohort 9
    • Sputnik Brain is building clinically validated novel brain modulation platform which physiologically elicits quick and rapid stress alleviation / pleasure in the brain in a convenient, biomarker-driven, repeatable and chemical-free technology.
    • Padmaseetha provides renal care through OmniPD, the world’s first portable PD cycler, allows peritoneal dialysis to be carried out at home without a break from their work.
    • Hummsa Biotech is an innovation driven company that is simplifying diagnostics through Biotechnology and Nanotechnology aiming to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible.
    • Innovo Care is building smart affordable medical devices with a special focus on the Indian elderly population offering NIBRA-CS for the detection of autonomic neuropathy.
  • Mediatech Cohort 2
    • Metaverts is a Platform for Advertising on Virtual Real Estate in Games, AR/VR & Metaverse
    • BlueBall Media and Entertainment is a Kids Audio Driven Edutainment Platform

IIIT Hyderabad’s Annual R&D Showcase On 6 March


IIIT-Hyderabad’s annual R&D showcase will be conducted on Saturday 6 March in an entirely virtual format. The event is a great opportunity for the general public to interact with faculty and students and understand their work in more tangible forms through demos, prototypes and presentations in keeping with the institute’s endeavour to promote applied research that benefits society.

Currently in its 20th edition, the event has grown from strength year-on-year and attracts more than 3,000 visitors from research, academia, media and industry. This year’s virtual research expo will feature IIITH’s 22 research centres, 300+ research demos and an inaugural keynote by Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Institute Professor, IIT Madras.

This year’s showcase will also present research from IIITH’s Kohli Centre of Intelligent Systems (KCIS), the recently launched Smart City Research Centre set up in collaboration with MEITY (Government of India), Smart City Mission and Government of Telangana, as well as Applied Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Centre (INAI) that has been working on applying AI to population scale problems in the Indian context, combining research and translation in collaboration with Intel and Govt of Telangana.

Commenting on R&D Showcase 2021, Prof P J Narayanan, Director, IIITH said, “While we will miss the in-person interaction with visitors from other educational institutions and industry, students have enthusiastically adapted to the new virtual format and are excited to showcase their research and the positive impact of technology on society to an even larger borderless audience.”

The showcase will be viewable at https://rndshowcase.iiit.ac.in/