imo Ads Highlights 5 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2022 Ahead of Brainscape 2021


imo Ads, a global mobile marketing platform that provides comprehensive branding and performance solutions for businesses located in the MENA region, will participate in the 11th annual BrainScape, one of the largest marketing conferences in the region. imo Ads will have its own virtual booth where it will welcome business, marketing and communications professionals from all over the world to showcase the value of its platform and demonstrate how they can prepare to attract customers on current and emerging digital platforms.

“BrainScape is a conference designed to explore how new thinking and a fresh approach can help companies and brands reach higher levels of success”, said Joanna Zhao, Head of Ad Sales, imo Ads. “The marketing and communications landscape is constantly evolving with relatively new and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Livestreaming, the Metaverse and more. In order for companies to stay both competitive and relevant they need to become more agile not only with the technology they use, but how they plan to incorporate marketing strategies and tactics across every customer touch-point both online and offline.”

imo Ads leverages its premium resources to provide highly targeted and customized marketing solutions to help brands achieve stronger exposure, and reach users more effectively. With significant data resources and powerful algorithm capabilities, imo Ads could assist brands in maximizing their own potential and ROI through precise reach and efficient conversion.

A recent report states that people in the MENA region spend a lot of time on social media, averaging about 3.5 hours a day, across platforms. If we take a closer look at UAE, mobile phones remains the preferred device of choice as it accounts for 60.5 percent of web traffic across devices, according to Global Media Insight

With mobile and social platforms visibly being the future of marketing and communicating with potential customers, ahead of the conference, imo Ads shares a few trends that will be relevant to marketers in 2022.

Video will continue to be important

Video content is quite engaging and attention grabbing. In fact, people pay more attention to video than to any other types of content, which is why watching short videos or live posts or stories as well as sharing videos on instant messaging apps are amongst the top 3 most regular uses of the phone across the Middle East region, according to Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, Middle East Edition 2019.

As a result, mobile markets will need to utilize video advertising utilizing some best practices to ensure that their messages and promotions stay relevant. These best practices include: starting strong, keeping it short and staying relevant to your target audience.

In order to deliver successful video ads, the right platform is required. Social media plays a vital role in terms of both boosting video content and enhancing reach and a good mix of cross-platform advertising is essential.

Businesses, regardless of their size, should all focus their efforts to invest in creative production to maximize the impact they will have in the near future.

Personalization is key

In just one day, mobile users are exposed to hundreds of mobile ads through their smart phones, which is why brands need to go beyond creativity to create messages that really speak to the users. In fact, personalization can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50 percent, lift revenues by 5 percent to 15 percent, and increase the efficiency of marketing spend by up to 30 percent.

To create ads that are more personalized, marketers would need to leverage data. This is because through user data and behavior, marketers can learn a lot about what their customers prefer such as what kind of visuals, messages or CTAs they would want to see.

In addition to data analytics, marketers can utilize user feedback to create more personalized experience. Regardless of the source, be it from reviews, customer service issues, discussions at various touch points and more, marketers should listen to drive better user engagement and mobile user experience.

AI rises to prominence

Gathering intelligence from a variety of sources will prove to be quite a challenge for marketing professionals. However new technologies are continuing to emerge and evolve to generate more insights to help marketers create more content that is both meaningful and impactful.

One of these technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will become essential as brands dive deeper into mobile marketing in the forthcoming years. Businesses have been using AI such as image recognition, dynamic pricing, sales forecasting and more to create offerings that are personalized to potential customer segments.

Therefore, in 2022, we can expect to see an increase in marketing spend on AI technologies to create a more holistic customer experience across a variety of platforms both online and offline.

Mobile-First & Commerce Marketing

People are and will continue to spend more time on their smartphones as mobile applications become more versatile. imo for example, used to be an instant messaging application between single users has evolved over the years to include more features such as: Big Group Chats; short ‘Story’ updates; share files of up to 10GB and even participate in Chatrooms where users can match people from different places in the same country expanding their own reach and giving them the opportunity to make friends with similar interests.

As a result, it is imperative for businesses to create mobile-friendly content that users will not only appreciate but will also rank higher across search engines. A simple strategy could be as simple as adapting the design of a website to fit screens of smartphones or tablets.

We are living in the age of the “Everything Customer”. These people are individuals who are not brand loyal but are sensitive to both the price and the overall experience. A responsive design for a website or mobile application is just one necessity to provide ease of access and convenience when browsing or shopping.

Furthermore, mobile commerce will continue to witness exponential growth going into 2022 as more consumers are using their smartphones to shop online. In fact, many marketing experts believe that mobile commerce will play a pivotal role in marketing in 2022.

Any brand that seeks to capture the mobile-first customer should have an app that is not only simple and easy to navigate, but provides exceptional customer experience. What will accelerate the growth of mobile commerce is social commerce through various social media platforms and even livestreaming applications. Mobile commerce is still at an early stage, however as potential customers get comfortable with exploring social commerce, brands will be motivated to focus their strategies and tactics accordingly to tap into their ever evolving and growing customer base.

Optimizing for Voice

Many prominent organizations from around the world such as Google, Amazon and Apple continue to invest in audio development with voice search playing a key role. Voice Assistants are improving almost every day and making our lives easier as we are now able to control a plethora of smart gadgets and appliances in our homes simply with our voice.

The potential of voice commands for marketers is simply infinite due to its level of convenience as it relates to searching for and purchasing items. As a result, for the coming year and the foreseeable future, businesses will need to rethink their online marketing approach due to the increase in popularity of voice search.

The 11th edition of BrainScape is set to take place on 29 November 2022 at La Perle, Al Habtoor City, Dubai, UAE. For more information please visit: