Fintech Bond Investment Platform IndiaBonds gets CEO & Co-Founder – Vishal Goenka, Ex MD Deutsche Bank Singapore


IndiaBonds announces CEO to Drive Strategic Growth and Innovation and is set to welcome its Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Mr. Vishal Goenka starting today. Prior to joining IndiaBonds, Vishal was a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Singapore, Global Markets, for many years and held various leadership roles across Sales and Trading. He brings 20+ years of experience in Global Fixed Income Markets with a background and specialization in Bonds, Loans, Derivatives, Structured Products and Distressed Credit. He was also in London with Merrill Lynch and RBS previously and is an MBA from London Business School.

IndiaBonds is a fintech start-up based in Mumbai and is an Online Bond Platform Provider (OBPP) offering individual investors a transparent platform for investment in bonds. The company has been credited to being a revolutionizing fintech start-up owing to some of their prior ground breaking innovations in the fixed income industry. Last year IndiaBonds had announced the launch of its strategic tool, the Bond Yield Calculator that aids investors by simplifying the complexities of calculating corporate bond price and yield. In 2021 they launched a comprehensive Bond Directory for general public to have detailed information on all INR-denominated bonds outstanding in India.

As the company continues to grow and expand, the CEO will be responsible for guiding the company’s vision and strategy and driving innovation in the bond investment space.

“IndiaBonds is poised for significant growth in the coming years, and Vishal joining in as a CEO is a vital step towards achieving the company’s goals and vision of extending a Bond in Every Hand. As an organization, IndiaBonds is focussed towards empowering Indian investors by making the bond industry more transparent and accessible. Vishal comes with global experience at various investment banks and a deep understanding of fixed income markets. His strong track record of scaling businesses and driving growth will be crucial in helping us achieve our goals and deliver exceptional value to our customers – who are at the heart of all our decisions,” said Aditi Mittal, Co-Founder, IndiaBonds and Director of AK Group.

The CEO will be responsible for guiding IndiaBonds’ vision and strategy by leading the company’s efforts to establish strategic partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders in the bond investment industry. In addition, Mr. Goenka will help drive innovation in the bond investment space, expanding its customer base & develop innovative ways to make the bond investment process more efficient and user-friendly for its customers.

“The bond market in India stands at US$2 trillion plus and on the cusp of tremendous growth. As India transitions from a developing economy to a developed one, we will witness a shift where corporate bond markets will be a major contributor for credit access and growth. I am excited to join IndiaBonds as it aims to demystify the bond markets for individual investors. We aim to bring our expertise in fixed income credit markets along with our innovative technology to make bond investments accessible to all,” said Vishal Goenka.