Business Worldwide Magazine Celebrates its 2020 Global Corporate Excellence Awards Winners


Companies representing the Finance industry, Accountancy and the IT sector all picked up prizes this year in the Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) 2020 Global Corporate Excellence Awards.

It was a year like no other and each of the companies chosen as winners for the awards coped admirably with the rigours of the global pandemic.

Whether that meant ensuring staff were safe, well and able to work successfully from home, or allowing customers the ability to continue to access goods and services via innovative new business strategies introduced at the height of the pandemic. In fact, ethics and how they benefitted the communities in which they served were one of the biggest judging criteria looked at this year.

Innovation was also a big hit with the judges, whether that was in engagement with customers or using new software applications to forge the business forward.

For many UK companies, of course, it wasn’t just the pandemic they had to contend with, but Brexit and the country’s exit from the European union too. It was a tough year. All of the magazine’s winners though got through it and came out the other side triumphant.

BWM Awards spokesperson Victor Stone said he was delighted to see such a number and high standard of entrants this year considering the struggles the pandemic inevitably wrought.

“At one point we wondered whether we would have enough nominations to run the competition this year,” he said. “But I’m delighted to say that really wasn’t a problem. In fact, we’ve seen more innovation this year because of the pandemic than we have in the past few years put together.

“All of the companies who received a reward deserve a huge pat on the back for not just coping but excelling in what must be one of the toughest years in business in decades. Well done everyone!”

The Awards were open to all sectors of industry and there were no geographical boundaries. As a result, nominations came from the Western world, as well as the US, Oceania, Scandinavia, India and Africa.