HOGE Announces Collaboration With The DeFi Angels


The Original DeFi Meme Token – HOGE has joined forces with the DeFi Angels to give their project a voice on Capitol Hill as the regulation conversation heats up. It’s no secret that American-based blockchain crypto companies are fighting the infrastructure bill in D.C. This bill could create a big change in the world of DeFi over the next several years.

HOGE is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that has a 2% tax on every transfer. Part of that tax is reflected to current holders, and part is burned forever making HOGE a deflationary cryptocurrency asset. HOGE was a fair launch project; everybody can buy in on day one. Even the developers. This project is entirely comprised of a decentralized community and one of the few token projects out there that has no developer wallet meaning they are a project that is responsible for creating their own self-sustaining ecosystems that provide revenue channels to continue to fund and grow their project. Hoge has achieved early success by focusing on brand building, refining their Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology, running charitable events and most importantly fostering an authentic and inviting community environment.

HOGE has found a strategic ally to fight the DeFi regulation battle with and ensure their blockchain infused voice is heard in the House. The DeFi Angels are an investment community in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector whose member-based proprietary platform focuses on education, fair launches, and community vetted deal-flow. The Crypto Company is known for transparency and ethics; leveraging these core values, their community acts as a sophisticated filter for investors looking to get into early-stage DeFi projects. Valuing women empowerment, the DeFi Angel’s created a safe environment for female investors to flourish within a male-dominated field. They also provide a platform for new and experienced entrepreneurs to present their projects in an organic environment, where teams can answer various technical and business model questions.

Together, these two communities are headed to congress to attend appointments and speak with legislators, as well as people in regulatory affairs to create fair and balanced DeFi regulation. Coming along with them is J.P. Deese & Associates, LLC to act as the official HOGE Lobbyist and the political voice for a project that has over sixty-five thousand (65,000) current investors. In a recent comment, J.P. Deese said,” This serves as an excellent opportunity for the crypto and DeFi spaces to come together, flesh out their own language, and aggressively advocate at the federal level for these proposed changes. The moment is now; the moment is ours.”

To add fuel to the regulation fire, one of the most popular American-based crypto exchanges has come under fire from the SEC over their new crypto lending product that’s scheduled to come to market in Q4 this year. Coinbase’s official Twitter page released a statement online last week stating,” After months of trying to engage with the SEC on our planned Lend product, we recently received notice that it intends to pursue legal action against us. We believe dialogue is at the heart of good regulation, even if the SEC may not.”

It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out leading to the DeFi Bill passing through the House, but one thing is for sure, HOGE and The DeFi Angels will have representatives front and center to do everything they can to give their projects and the DeFi ecosystem a chance to be heard.