Japan’s IT Engineering Company DS Technologies of DSK Group Selects NewNet’s First in Industry ‘STC’ Application for their Payment Services Rollout


DS Technologies Inc., a company of DSK Group, Japan’s major bill payment service provider, has selected NewNet Secure Transactions LLC’s Secure Transaction Cloud (STC) application for its payment infrastructure rollout in AWS Cloud. DS Technologies leverages NewNet’s STC for the seamless launch of payment switching, routing and transport of payment transactions with highest security from over thousands of Wireless, IP, internet payment devices in Japan, which generate several millions of payment transactions annually.

DS Technologies chose NewNet’s STC based on its proven capabilities including highly innovative and virtualized payment transaction application designed to enable payment providers for transporting large volumes of internet and mobile payment transactions with highest levels of security, speed, resilience in cloud. STC solution on the cloud offers DS Technologies with advanced data security of payment transactions leveraging AWS CloudHSM, while offering unique experience of integrated capabilities including transaction aggregation, TLS acceleration, load balancing, web payment transport, payment protocol translation, dynamic routing, host load sharing, multiple payment mode handling and settlement reports.

“NewNet’s STC solution provides the payment industry with one of the most innovative and advanced payment applications in a high security cloud environment for seamless adoption with major economical and operational advantage,” said Krishna Viswanadham, President of NewNet Secure Transactions LLC. “The virtualized payment and security functions of STC operating on dynamic, resilient, highly capable cloud infrastructure provides much needed performance and security for payment transactions. We continuously deliver cutting edge solutions to facilitate our leading customers like DS Technologies to have the best resources to grow their payment businesses and meet rapidly changing customer behaviors and expectations in the extremely dynamic and fast evolving FinTech landscape.”

“We are committed to delivering value to customers and NewNet’s STC helps us to offer the benefits of payment technology advancements leveraging the digital cloud transformation with the latest technologies and high end security allowing to continuously innovate and provide state of the art payment solutions to the enterprises and businesses we serve,” said Yasuhiro Sakamoto, President & CEO, at DS Technologies . “We chose NewNet because of STC’s robust features & functions, high levels of innovation in security, together with their expansive payment industry experience. We trust NewNet as a strategic partner to grow our payment infrastructure solutions to the full spectrum of payments including POS, mobile and web that help our customers to drive increasing volumes with highest security.”

STC payment application solution built of NewNet’s NPaySTAR OS(NPay* OS) and leveraging NPay* Payment Stack, allows faster migration to cloud based infrastructure for a broad spectrum of payment ecosystem participants, including processors, acquirers, payment service providers, merchant service providers, transaction network service providers, retail chains, mobile network operators and telecommunication companies, banks, financial institutions and other fin-tech providers in the payment transaction domain.

STC jumpstarts greenfield payment providers and offers standards based security for mobiles as payment devices, enables high security payments from mobile wallets with tokens, offers payment solutions for cloud providers to handle subscription payments, and enables secure payment routing with P2PE for end to end security of transaction. Together with dynamic tools for device authentication and onboarding, comprehensive dashboards for operations, smart APIs for faster integration and rich data for analytics, NewNet’s STC redefines payment handling for providers and lays down clear roadmaps for IoT, B2B, Crypto/CBDC/Blockchain payments and utilizing AI, ML for payment integrity.