Founders and Executives at Nine India-Based Companies will Present at Algorand’s Decipher Conference in Dubai, 28-30 November


Nine India-based companies building Web3 products on Algorand will be featured this week at the annual Decipher conference hosted by the Algorand Foundation at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai, 28-30 November.

The strong regional representation reflects strong community-building and education efforts in India led by AlgoBharat, including developer hackathons, educational sessions at technical universities, and more. These initiatives have been aimed at increasing interest and adoption in Algorand and the broader blockchain industry among developers at both startups and established corporations in India.

Featured companies from the AlgoBharat ecosystem include:

  • Contrato is a solution for smart contracts and finance management for Small Medium Businesses and Startups, is the world’s first KYC embedded contracting solution powered by blockchain smart contract. Contrato is building the next generation of business transactions based on trust and decentralized finance.
  • is an App Store for decentralized apps but with additional layers of communication / notifications, commerce (paid apps & in-app purchases), ratings, and DIDs, aims to bring seamlessness to the Web 3.0 experience.
  • Dygnify is a DeFi protocol that delivers digital asset liquidity to Small Medium Business (SMB)-focused credit Fintechs while enabling global digital asset investors to discover and invest debt capital in creditworthy SMB-focused credit fintechs/lenders across high-growth emerging markets.
  • EKO India Financial Services is an established Indian fintech company, which enables digital product brands to tap and collect digital payment from customers through a unique platform of deeply embedded-in-the-community micro-entrepreneurs. Over the last 15 years Eko has serviced over 50 million customers through a network of over 300k micro-entrepreneurs. Eko desires to leverage the advantages of blockchain to further democratize access to services for customers with a distributed identity solution.
  • Fragments is a platform that enables users to create on-chain vaults to set up a fund, define its goals and governance, raise capital from retail investors and invest together based on the decided governance framework. It effectively offers a collective investment DeFi product with multichain fundraising, four forms of governance, and trading history of user profiles.
  • Kalga Labs is a Web 3.0 platform that enables more efficient collaboration between content makers and creators. Kalga Labs’ first product, InFiction, is a first-of-its-kind solution for TV and film writers to showcase their work through a decentralized database with built-in tools, analytics, and creative capabilities.
  • NFTVerse is a white label, SAAS-based platform designed to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. The platform enables enterprises, brands, celebrities, influencers, and creators to launch their own fully customizable Web 3.0 apps including NFT stores, Marketplace, Crypto wallets, and Crypto tokens by integrating with their existing Web 2.0 apps and websites.
  • Nowigence is a knowledge management company that uses its Web 2.0-based Pluaris™ technology to help enterprise employees augment knowledge with information and training materials from multiple data sources. Nowigence is now transitioning to an Algorand-based blockchain solution to verify and recognize skill acquisition through decentralized proof of knowledge and proof of experience, which includes social learning, community driven peer-to-peer learning, personalized learning, gamification and reward system, and hybrid learning models utilizing events.
  • Wize is a one-stop NFT infrastructure and API toolkit that can deliver a personalized and secure digital experience for businesses, DAOs, and developers, offering POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs, Identity NFTs, Certificate NFTs, Event Ticketing, and more. Wize enables NFT Tokenization as a Service for B2B applications and solves the Web 3.0 adoption challenges across various industry verticals with its powerful dashboard, no-code application, SDKs and APIs.

“We’re thrilled to have such strong representation from India at this year’s Decipher event,” said Anil Kakani, Head of AlgoBharat. “Each of these companies recognizes the significant advantages of the Algorand blockchain and they are just a sampling of the use cases we expect to drive the organic diffusion of Algorand in our region. India has the best developers in the world, poised to harness the power of blockchain to tackle some of the most challenging problems we face. These companies featured at Decipher are just a few of the many leading the way into Web 3.0 on Algorand!”

The following presentations will be available to livestream for free via the Algorand Foundation YouTube channel:

  • 29 November @ 11:25 AM – 12:05 PM (GMT +04): EKO cofounder Abhinav Sinha will appear alongside leaders from VISA CEMEA, FlexFinTx, and AgroToken, on the topic of “Financial Inclusion at Scale: A World Tour”
  • 29 and 30 November @ 1:00 – 2:00 PM (GMT +04): Founders and executives at ContratoDappsDygnifyFragmentsWizeKalga LabsNFTVerse, and Nowigence will present during the Decipher pitch competitions
  • 30 November @ 11:00 – 11:40 AM (GMT +04): Nowigence Acting CEO Krishna Tammireddy will participate in “Delivering Web2 to Web3 (and Beyond),” alongside leaders from Napster, TravelX, and the Global Crypto Council

The following presentation will be recorded and published on the Algorand Foundation YouTube channel following the event:

  • 30 November @ 10:30 – 11:00 AM (GMT +04): Kalga Labs founder Abhisar Srivastava and NFTVerse founder Neel Kamal will speak on “India’s Creator Economy is Booming! How Web3 is Accelerating It.”

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