Kangaroo redefines e-commerce fulfilment services


Kangaroo Cargo, a leading retail multi-channel e-commerce aggregator in India, promises immediate delivery of orders through its novel concept of setting up micro warehouses across the country.

“We are providing micro warehousing for the brands who use our fulfilment services, thus enabling brands intraday delivery of orders. Currently, we offer affiliate warehousing services in Bengaluru, ChennaiMumbai and Delhi. We will expand our footprint to another 12 cities by 2022,” said, Gunadeep PN, Chief Growth Officer, Kangaroo Cargo.

Kangaroo Cargo is one of the companies to use Artificial Intelligence-enabled programs for cataloguing, inventory updates, pricing strategies, order fulfilment, return processing, after sales support, payment reconciliation and vendor financing from banks. They also support clients to boost sales by creating ads on all e-commerce market places and other branding activities to improve visibility.

“We offer doorstep pickup and delivery across over 25,000 pin codes and 15 days free warehousing in all districts for D2C & B2B delivery. From a business perspective, our vast network of warehouses, fast fulfilment technology, reasonable rates and trained team of experts assure soaring sales and faster growth. Our Artificial Intelligence-integrated software facilitates real-time tracking of packages and management of purchase orders besides accurate returns,” said, Gunadeep PN.

The company also offers an array of packaging options tailored to the need of every brand and budget. The technology integration with courier partners ensures complete visibility and regular tracking all through the passage with the ease of a click or through email/SMS alerts. Besides, the sellers and their customers can manage all their forward and return orders from one platform.

Thanks to Kangaroo Cargo offering freight routing solutions, customers are assured of safe and timely delivery while the company’s shipping services help sellers save big. Mobile App for delivery & MIS, secured payment collections including cash & Payment Gateway, BNPL & EMI Options in selected markets/customers are among the other services in offer.