Kyvol Launches Cybovac S60, First Fully Automatic Intelligent 5-in-1 Robot Vacuum and Mop at Saudi Arabia’s Largest Home Appliance Retail Platform Extra


Kyvol, a globally leading smart home cleaning and appliance brand, is releasing Cybovac S60, a next-generation 5-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner and mop, in the Middle East market as it enters Extra, the largest home appliance retail platform of Saudi Arabia.

The Cybovac S60, the most advanced robot vacuum from Kyvol to date, pilots intelligent, fully automatic, and deep cleaning experience that includes vacuuming, mopping, mop-washing, mop-drying and dust-emptying. Empowered by Kyvol’s industry-leading and innovative intelligent cleaning technologies, the Cybovac S60 has achieved breakthroughs in functionality, performance, intelligence, and interactivity, providing the easiest way to the best cleaning.

Kyvol’s products are now sold in 50 Extra stores across Saudi Arabia. Since its launch in the country in 2021, Kyvol’s annual sales volume has been growing by over 30 percent year-on-year and is recognized as one of the three leading robot vacuum brands.

Following the economic development and faster pace of life, the new home cleaning trends are also influencing users’ consumption habits and people are having higher demands as well as requirements for automatic cleaning appliance solutions. Kyvol’s core competitive advances of cleaning capacity and automation can fit into a wide range of application scenarios, and the latest 5-in-1 robot vacuum is the ultimate solution of milestone significance that revolutionizes the home cleaning experience for people.

Kyvol Cybovac S60: An All-Around Champion That Delivers The Ultimate Handsfree Cleaning Experience

The Cybovac S60 is not simply a robot vacuum that sweeps and mops, but a smart home automation solution that makes healthy living easy, leveraging an integrated base station system that automatically collects dust, washes and dries the mop without any action required. In addition to the dust bag of 3L, and clean and dirty water tanks of 4L each, Cybovac S60 is also equipped with ozone and silver ion sterilization modules to ensure the hygiene of the dust bag and mop, and make the deep cleaning smart, automatic, and healthy.

5-in-1 Fully Automatic Cleaning: the Cybovac S60 is by far Kyvol’s smartest robot vacuum that achieves fully automated home cleaning that’s entirely handsfree for at least 30 days straight with a 3L dust collection bag. The high-speed dual rotary mops can scrub floors thoroughly, while freeing the hands and time from washing and drying the mop pads. The 4L water tank cleans the mop on its own with the 6/9/12-minute options. The mop is then dried with hot air to prevent odor and bacterial growth.

Accuracy and Efficiency for Effective Cleaning: the upgraded precise LDS 2.0 navigation system and intelligent SLAM technologies can map the room accurately to determine the best cleaning route with high efficiency and coverage. The Cybovac S60 can be controlled on the Kyvol APP, which allows users to customize cleaning settings including real-time mapping, schedule cleaning, avoid carpet, suction control, dust emptying, no-go zones, auto-charge and more.

Longer, Deeper, Smarter, And Stronger: the Cybovac S60 has a 5200mAh large capacity battery that can clean up to 190 square meters with battery life of 250 minutes. Its advantages including strong 3000Pa suction power, carpet auto detection, suction improvement, and solid rubber brush can clean household wastes, hair, and dust on both the floor and carpet. Moreover, the S60 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alica, and Marusya, allowing for voice control with grace and ease.

Kyvol Cybovac S60 is now available at Extra in Saudi Arabia starting from June 5, 2023 at a price of SAR 4,499, for the exact promotion price please check with Extra online shop and offline store.