vivo Envisions User-Oriented Innovation in 2021


vivo has concluded a remarkable year in 2020, highlighting the importance of user-oriented innovation in the smartphone industry. Braving the global impact of COVID-19, vivo remained resilient by launching new product lineups, advancing in mobile photography technology and fostering a joy-inspired digital ecosystem to further connect users around the world amid the difficult pandemic.

vivo aspires to benefit consumers by providing premium user experiences, never innovating solely for the sake of innovation. vivo will continue to address consumer needs in 2021 by designing cutting-edge devices that exude futuristic aesthetics. Aside from perfecting current technologies, vivo will also strive to break the boundaries of smartphone design for devices to become an extension of the human body and an effective accessory to everyday life.

Expanding vivo’s Footprint Across the Globe in 2021

In 2021, vivo will build on last year’s achievements and tailor its user-oriented innovation strategies according to evolving consumer preferences, striving to achieve breakthroughs across four long-term strategic tracks: photography, system, design and performance.

“One instance among evolving consumer trends is the growing demand for smartphones, combined with decreasing purchasing power of consumers caused by the global pandemic,” said Liang Wang, General Manager of Overseas Products. In mid-2021, vivo will launch a new smartphone brand across emerging middle and high-end markets, fulfilling the increasing demand of consumers who desire devices equipped with cutting-edge capabilities at a modest price range.

vivo has a solid foundation in many markets, placing last year among the top five global smartphone leaders, reaching over 380 million users across more than 40 countries. It remains the leading brand in Indonesia by market share and ranks second and third in China and India, respectively. Aside from maintaining its growth momentum across existing markets, vivo has officially entered Western Europe as well.

vivo is an official partner of the UEFA EURO 2020 and 2024, a symbol of its worldwide expansion and desire to serve diverse user needs. “This market entry has significant implications for vivo. Firstly, Europe is a mature market and brand mecca; our success on that continent will be a testament to our user-oriented innovation and technology. Secondly, European consumers have more substantial requirements across different categories, such as higher standards regarding information security. By prospering in the European market, vivo’s capabilities will grow immensely in manufacturing facilities and corporate settings,” said Guoliang Liu, Senior Director of Overseas Strategic Planning Center.

To pave the way into new territories, vivo has unveiled new devices, a fully revamped operating system and professional-grade camera technologies. A leader in 5G, vivo has also been manufacturing products that are ready for the next generation of connectivity to bring joy to users worldwide, having filed over 2,000 patents for 5G innovations by the end of 2020. These developments were brought to life by a strong R&D network across nine innovation centers and supported by research teams across the globe, reflecting vivo’s dedication to understanding regional consumers and in-depth localization within many markets.

Refining Smartphone Photography

vivo has established a partnership with ZEISS, reaffirming its leadership in mobile photography technology. Together, vivo and ZEISS will co-engineer industry-leading smartphone imaging technology, establishing the vivo ZEISS Imaging Lab and jointly launching the “vivo ZEISS Master Photography” campaign.

“vivo and ZEISS are highly complementary to each other; ZEISS is a traditional optical giant that has accumulated deep expertise in the field, while vivo is adept at developing imaging algorithms and designing mobile platforms. Both sides have mutually reached a consensus through continuous communications, hoping to achieve greatness in this new era. We have siphoned iconic elements of ZEISS products to be infused with vivo smartphones, such as the image quality of classic ZEISS lens revered by photography enthusiasts,” said Zhuo Li, Director of Digital Imaging Product of vivo.

Indeed, vivo has made great strides to redefine the field of mobile imaging, having developed the industry-leading Gimbal Camera System. While the utilization of a gimbal is typically reserved for professional photographers and cinematographers, vivo sought to innovatively package this technology into a sleek and stylish smartphone repurposed for the average consumer, culminating in the global launch of the X50 series. “Upon its introduction, the X50 series became the first product line to be released worldwide, establishing vivo as a perennial leader within the global field of smartphone photography,” said Guoliang Liu, Senior Director of Overseas Strategic Planning Center.

vivo places tremendous importance on providing consumers with refined and fashionable devices that are an extension of their style, without compromising performance. As such, vivo’s prowess in smartphone photography is not solely limited to powerful capabilities and top-notch specifications; it even extends to the intricate Dual Tone Step exterior design of the camera itself. The smartphone cameras are fashioned in thin layers that stretch like clouds across the back pane. Neatly organized in a clean aesthetic, this cascading composition allows the multiple encased rear cameras and flashlight to rise in subtle steps.

vivo’s Flourishing Digital Ecosystem

In 2020, vivo established the VISION+ initiative, launched OriginOS, and announced a range of developer platform upgrades. These components form vivo’s burgeoning digital ecosystem to comprehensively increase user satisfaction and bring joy to consumers.

VISION+ is a visual content ecosystem composed of a series of themed activities and resources for professional and amateur photographers, revolving around joy of humanity and celebrating the achievements of smartphone imaging. During a particularly challenging 2020, vivo shifted the attention of consumers by encouraging them to cherish their experiences and channel their inner emotions. vivo VISION+ Mobile Photography Awards 2020, one of many activities under the VISION+ umbrella, received over 135,000 entries from across the world, demonstrating the substantial consumer interest in visual expression through mobile photography.

Meanwhile, OriginOS is the latest Android-based operating system developed by vivo. This intuitive software repurposes familiar features with fresh designs that culminate in a smooth, customizable and convenient smartphone user experience that will enhance the lifestyles of consumers tremendously.

Given the growing popularity of V-Appstore, which has been localized for multiple regions, vivo created a one-stop service platform for all domestic and overseas developers. The V-Star program was created to reward developers with free exposure in the V-Appstore. Developers are also provided access to designated V-Appstore specialists available for one-on-one consultations, among other helpful programs. This facilitates a greater number of user applications and software capabilities available exclusively to vivo users.

All in all, vivo will continue to focus on addressing evolving consumer needs and bringing joy to its users. Despite a turbulent global economic landscape, vivo will uphold the highest standards of quality and conduct user-oriented innovation to truly empower consumers in meaningful ways.