LIZHI Enters Into Partnership With Established AI Chip Maker to Enhance Audio Services for Internet of Vehicles


LIZHI INC. (“LIZHI” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: LIZI), a leading online UGC audio community and interactive audio entertainment platform in China, today announced that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with Horizon Robotics, an established chip maker for smart mobility in China, to collaborate on audio services for the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) market.

Founded in 2015, Horizon Robotics is a manufacturer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chips for smart mobility in China. Since its establishment, Horizon Robotics has been actively developing high-performance, low-power, open and flexible AI chips and solutions to empower smart mobility and a wider range of general AI applications via combination of hardware and software.

Mr. Jinnan (Marco) Lai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LIZHI, commented, “We are excited to cooperate with Horizon Robotics and this is also the first time we cooperated with a chip company for smart mobility. As the Internet of Vehicles market rapidly expands, we are committed to meeting the rising demand for audio services in driving scenarios. Empowered by Horizon Robotics’ AI chip technology and LIZHI’s advanced audio technology, we hope to be able to provide more personalized and scenario-specific audio services. We have launched a new podcast application last month, LIZHI PODCAST (also named LIZHI BOKE in Chinese), which features curated content drawn from LIZHI’s extensive content library as well as exclusive and original podcasts created by influencers from all walks of life. Under our collaboration with Horizon Robotics, LIZHI may be able to further optimize in-car audio experiences and bring premium content from our LIZHI PODCAST to a wider user base.”

Hongzhi Zhang, General Manager of Horizon Robotics’ Intelligent Cockpit Products Department commented, “LIZHI is a leading online audio service platform in China and we are excited to cooperate with LIZHI to expend the ecosystem of Horizon Robotics’ Intelligent Cockpit. Since it was founded in 2015, Horizon Robotics is committed to building a technology platform consisting of chips, algorithms and tools. We hope that with the addition of in-car capabilities and AI interaction from Horizon Robotics, LIZHI and Horizon Robotics will be able to bring a new experience of in-car audio interaction to the end users.”