Syrius brings its blockbuster product to Thailand LogiMAT with deep expansion of Southeast Asian market


On October 25-27, the LogiMAT exhibition was held in Bangkok, Thailand. As the only professional exhibition for intralogistics in Southeast Asia, LogiMAT | Intelligent Warehouse focuses on material handling, warehouse automation solutions, and new technologies in logistics automation, and is committed to promoting logistics exchanges and cooperation among Southeast Asian countries and helping enterprises expand into the Southeast Asian market.

As a leading brand of China’s AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robot) self-driving mobile robot software and hardware as well as supporting cloud services, Syrius brought its popular cloud warehouse AMR product FlexSwift and its solutions to LogiMAT | Intelligent Warehouse, showing the leading power of China’s industrial mobile robots to Southeast Asia.

FlexSwift is designed for large-scale order fulfillment under the human-machine collaboration model. Through its self-developed cloud platform FlexGalaxy.AI, FlexSwift can join robot cluster collaboration, significantly reducing invalid walking and ensuring action accuracy, improving fulfillment efficiency by more than 200%, and intelligently reshaping business processes. The AMR solution provided by Syrius can ensure throughput and accuracy, helping the warehousing and logistics industry to smoothly survive the “big promotion season” and ensure profitability. At the same time, AMR can be deployed without disrupting warehouse operations and operations, ensuring maximum efficiency in site operations.

Syrius has always taken rich scene implementation and providing reliable services to customers as its primary goals. While focusing on the domestic market in depth, it has also actively moved towards overseas markets, and has now spread to many countries and regions such as Japan and Singapore, initially establishing an industry structure in the international mobile robot market. At present, Syrius has been granted more than 200 technical patents worldwide, among which the FlexSwift AMR has obtained the CE/CR dual certification from the European Union.

Examining the global landscape, Syrius is poised to spearhead advancements in mobile robotics by delivering top-tier products and services grounded in technological expertise and real-world know-how. Syrius’ aim is to venture into additional application domains for AMR technology, continually enhancing the value we bring to the global community’s intelligence and business operations efficiency. This commitment extends to aiding the global logistics and warehousing sector in cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and the pursuit of high-quality growth.