Introducing Longbridge’s “Chart Trading” Tool: Revolutionizing Trading with Speed and Convenience


Longbridge, a next-generation social brokerage from Singapore, has recently launched the desktop version (Longbridge Pro) of the “Chart Trading” tool, allowing investors to conveniently monitor, analyze, and place real-time trades directly on the charts. This upgrade represents a significant advancement in Longbridge Pro’s Chart Trading capabilities, offering a new and efficient experience that enables investors to respond to market fluctuations with one-click trading quickly. As a new generation of brokerage, Longbridge continuously strives to provide investors with better investment tools for trading Hong Kong and US stocks, delivering a more professional and high-speed investment experience.

With “Chart Trading” investors can place orders directly on the chart without switching to a separate trading view. In most desktop trading platforms, investors need to move the mouse cursor on the chart to the desired price level and remember the price, then switch to the order entry component, manually input the price and quantity, confirm the direction, and submit the order. This process is not only cumbersome but also prone to inputting incorrect prices. It can also lead to missed trading opportunities for trend traders due to operational delays. Using Longbridge Pro’s “Chart Trading,” traders can simply click on the desired price level within the candlestick chart to execute the order, eliminating the need to switch trading interfaces or perform a series of keyboard inputs. This feature allows for more flexible and efficient execution of trading strategies, enabling immediate responses to market volatility.

The upgrade of the desktop trading experience, with the introduction of “Chart Trading,” provides a more user-friendly trading tool for experienced investors and helps novice investors enhance their understanding of strategy-based trading. “Chart Trading” is not just a tool for placing orders. It is an entire trading process centered around the charts. Even if orders are manually placed via keyboard input instead of directly on the charts, investors can still see order lines and buy/sell points on the charts. This information can be used to assess the reasonableness of the orders and the history of executed trades, acting as an additional channel for assisting investors in their decision-making. This feature is particularly suitable for novice investors. The order price line and position cost line displayed in conjunction with “Chart Trading” clearly indicate whether the current order price and position cost are in critical positions. Novice investors can carefully select the corresponding order prices using the charts, cultivating a strong awareness of strategy-based trading on their investment journey.

Longbridge is committed to leveraging innovative fintech applications to provide better investment tools for Hong Kong and US stock markets, ensuring every investor benefits from intelligent decision-making aids and enjoys a richer global investment experience at lower thresholds and costs. Longbridge is also bold enough to offer investors a commission-free trading platform for Hong Kong and US stocks. Lonbridge offers over 32,000 tradable financial products, including stocks, US stock options, on-exchange derivatives, ETFs, REITs, funds, and more, providing users with abundant global investment opportunities and high-quality services.

For more information on how to use “Chart Trading,” please refer to the Longbridge Help Center guide: