The Malaysia BNPL Market is expected to contribute ~$3.0 Bn by 2027F owing to Entry of Global Players, Partnerships and Changing Demographics: Ken Research


Malaysia BNPL Market is at growing stage and has a consolidated market with about 5-6 major players capturing large portion of the market. Atome is the market leader.

  • The population of Malaysia is becoming more tech-savvy which will drive the adoption of technology and hence, BNPL services in the country.
  • E-commerce will continue to drive the majority of revenue for BNPL industry due to increasing popularity of E-Commerce among the population.
  • Central and Eastern Malaysia will continue to attract more investment with Pahang aiming to become leading state in business activity and Selangor attracting more investors by having highly skilled labor.

Entry of Global BNPL PlayersThe Malaysian BNPL industry has become one of the most attractive markets in the Southeast Asian region. As a result, global BNPL platforms are considering to extend their product offerings for consumers in the country. In Singapore and Malaysia alone, the firm is expecting the BNPL market to grow significantly by 2025. In these two Southeast Asian countries, the firm is looking at the target market for bigger ticket installment plans. Notably, in New Zealand and Australia, the firm has partnered with 5,000 merchants.

Emerging New Players: Malaysian BNPL Market is expected to grow over the coming years and thus, new players are entering the market intending to gain market share in the already competitive but growing BNPL industry. Shop Back Pay Later, the BNPL feature, integrates the services of Hoolah acquired by firm in 2021. The entry of these new players into the BNPL sector is expected to further drive competition and innovation in Malaysia and assist in the growth of the market.

E-Commerce driving market: E-commerce will continue to drive the majority of revenue for BNPL industry due to increasing popularity of E-Commerce among the population. As more vendors adopt BNPL services, it will lead to increase in traction for BNPL Players in E-Commerce earning them more revenues. Rise of new segments like Automotive, Insurance etc. will reduce the share of E-commerce in BNPL.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Malaysia BNPL Market Outlook to 2027F- Driven by Digitalization, Rising Tech-Savvy Population, Increasing M&A Deals, Partnerships between BNPL players by Ken Research observed that BNPL Market is an emergent BNPL Market in Malaysia at a growing stage from the economic crisis after pandemic. The Entry of Global BNPL Players, Strategic Partnerships along with government initiatives is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The market is expected to grow at a 38.5% CAGR during 2022-2027F owing to the rise in economy of the country, increasing young population and new government policies.

Key Segments Covered in the report:-

Malaysia BNPL Market

By Mode Of Payment

  • Online
  • Offline

By End-users

  • E-Commerce Retail
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food Aggregators
  • Travel Aggregators
  • Others

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By Geography

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Selangor
  • Sabah
  • Sarawak
  • Others

By Age Group

  • 18-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • Above 50

Key Target Audience:-

  • Bankers and associations
  • Government associations
  • Corporates
  • Investment firms
  • Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities
  • Fintech companies
  • Venture capitalists

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • · Historical Period: 2019-2022P
  • · Base Year: 2022P
  • · Forecast Period: 2022P-2027F

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Companies Covered:-

  • Atome
  • MY IOU
  • Shopback
  • Split
  • Grab’s Pay Later
  • Pace

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

  • Global Overview of Buy Now Pay Later Industry
  • Ecosystem and Value Chain of Malaysia BNPL Market
  • Market Size of Buy Now Pay Later Industry in Malaysia
  • Market Segmentation of Buy Now Pay Later Industry in Malaysia
  • SWOT Analysis and Growth Drivers of Malaysia BNPL Market
  • Trends and Challenges of Malaysia BNPL Market
  • Demand Side Analysis and Supply Side Analysis
  • Competition Framework of Malaysia BNPL Market
  • Future Outlook of Future Outlook
  • Case Study and Analyst Recommendations

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Malaysia Buy Now Pay Later Market

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The KSA BNPL industry is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~xx% in between 2022P and 2027E on the basis of number of transactions done. Increasing adoption of cashless society with emergence of digital payments fueled by surging working age class will derive the traction of BNPL industry among the users in KSA Increasing demand for extra credit line with less stringent KYC procedures without relying on CIBIL scores will be traction for consumers for utilization of BNPL services. Average order value of BNPL transactions is estimated to expand at a CAGR of xx% in between 2022P and 2027E. A gradual increase in the contribution of below 24 years of age group in market share will be observed in the coming future. This is attributed to increasing GenZ and millennials who will be readily adopting BNPL as the mode of their transactions. Online mode of payment will continue to dominate the BNPL industry in KSA due to Sharia compliant which promotes digital payments when compared to offline mode.

UAE Buy Now Pay Later Industry Outlook to 2027: Driven by adoption of cashless society, increasing Genz & Millennials population coupled with shifting preference towards easy interest free extra credit line sources

UAE BNPL market is expected to expand with a single digit CAGR in between 2022 and 2027 on the basis of revenue generated. It is anticipated that BNPL industry will grow at a substantial rate owing to factors such as due to wider acceptability at shops and better product offerings in a competitive landscape in the coming years. UAE has been culturally conservative towards BNPL and it is always seen as a debt trap instrument. But new-age start-ups are very focused on changing this mentality by creating awareness about how BNPL can be used for daily expenditure. Many new FinTechs will be entering the UAE BNPL space by offering BNPL cards to individuals and corporates. All the BNPL Players in this space are trying to attract customers through their digital offerings and will witness significant growth in new BNPL customers in the coming years. BNPL Players are also focusing on bringing out co-branded cards with features and rewards dedicated to a segment. Some global players are providing best-in-class BNPL solutions with the latest mobile application features such as digital onboarding, enhanced UX/UI, single click payment, QR, token-based payments, dispute resolution, in-app support and spend analysis. Traditional players need to take a cue from these players to enhance their offerings in the coming future. Players in this sector need to focus more on building the omnichannel ecosystem to cater to both the offline and online market.

India Buy Now Pay Later Market Outlook to 2026: Cascading Growth driven by one-click payment ease, unmatched expediency among lending solutions and free of cost deferment of payments, coupled with rising adoption by Merchant Payments due to increase in Customer Conversion and Sales Value

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