AO Foundation and Rimasys enter strategic partnership to advance surgical education


The AO Foundation and Rimasys are pleased to announce that they have entered a strategic partnership. Rimasys and AO have joined forces in their efforts to develop high-fidelity solutions to educate surgeons. Rimasys’ technological capabilities and disruptive product portfolio complement the state-of-the-art expertise in orthopedics and trauma surgery that the AO has built with global impact over the past 60 years. The partnership focuses on advancing the technology used to train and engage practitioners worldwide in the surgical treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.

Going forward, the AO Foundation will be integrating Rimasys products and services in selected high-end surgical training formats globally and leverage Rimasys’ dynamic innovation force especially around novel online education, their 3D virtual interaction platform and AI powered support tools for surgeons.

The partnership is built on successful past collaborations with the long-term perspective to create synergies and utilize strengths of both organizations leapfrogging innovation in a dynamic environment.

“Rimasys is without question one of the most innovative and dynamic players in the field of surgical training development. It has developed unique technological capabilities, to which it brings an unconventional solution-oriented mindset paired with fast-paced implementation. We are convinced that the partnership with Rimasys will help us drive innovation in our orthopedic research and development and benefit our global surgeon community activities. We are looking forward to working with Marc and his ambitious team of like-minded innovative spirits,” says Robert McGuire, President of the AO Foundation.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work together with the AO Foundation and strongly believe that the partnership will help us in providing even better surgical training concepts to a broader audience worldwide. It will complement our continued independence and energetic start-up spirit and help to accelerate the global rollout of all our innovations – to ultimately improve patients’ lives,” adds Marc Ebinger, CEO and Co-Founder of Rimasys.