Marvion™️ To Invest For DOT Rights To Hong Kong Zombie Action Thriller “Chungking Mansions”, Plans to Expand Film into the Metaverse


Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (OTC: BONZ) is pleased to announce that Marvion™ will be investing 10% of the production budget for “Chungking Mansions”, an upcoming zombie action thriller by Phoenix Waters Productions in co-production with AMM Global and Salon Films Japan, in return for DOT licensing rights to the film. The production budget is said to be a notable 8-figure US Dollar sum.

Touted as the biggest zombie film ever to be shot in Hong Kong, “Chungking Mansions” boasts an international all-star cast as reported by Deadline and Variety including Hong Kong-Canadian actresses Jeannie Chan and Selena LeeHong Kong singer Anson Lo, Korean “Single’s Inferno” star Choi Si-Hun, Japanese action star Rina Takeda, and Singaporean actors Desmond Tan and Rebecca Lim, with more announcements expected to be made soon. The film tells the story of a disparate group of people from across the globe who must climb the iconic Chungking Mansions building amidst a zombie outbreak in Hong Kong. Centered around an American seeking to rescue his pregnant wife, the action moves between people of all nationalities across the city who are undergoing their own journeys to survive.

Commenting on the investment into the film, Parkson Yip, Chief Investment Officer of Marvion™ said, “We are always on the lookout for quality media and entertainment productions and “Chungking Mansions” caught our attention. Following the recent success in the sales of our hybrid-digital ownership tokens (h-DOTs) on Marvion’s MetaStudio where we saw complete sellouts, we are buoyed and encouraged by the support shown from the community for tangible and intangible media assets. We certainly look forward to expanding the intellectual property of the film through the Metaverse and have the film’s stills transferred to Marvion for DOT minting. This is the exact core intrinsic value of our DOT (NFT 2.0), where h-DOT holders own the legal ownership of the license and rights to the h-DOTs. We’re sure an exciting and immersive experience await all fans of Chungking Mansions to come.”

Bizhan Tong, producer and director of “Chungking Mansions”, added “Having formed a fruitful collaboration with Marvion on the production of crime series “Forensic Psychologist” I am pleased to once again team up with them on “Chungking Mansions” as part of ambitious plans to expand its universe beyond the film. It is also a testament to the limitless possibilities of Hong Kong as a creative hub that we are able to make a film as grand and ambitious as “Chungking Mansions” in Hong Kong, of which no zombie movie of this scale has ever been shot in the city before, with the confidence of investors in the production and its IP”.

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