Cloudsky Technologies Completes Series C+ Funding, Accelerating the Transformation of Computing into the Energy of the Digital Era


Cloudsky Technologies is pleased to announce that it has recently secured a Series C+ round funding of no less than ten million dollars. The primary investors include a leading XR company, Sichuan Guohe International Cooperation Fund, and Orinno Capital, among others.

Cloudsky Technologies is dedicated to becoming the next-generation computing infrastructure and services provider to empower the digital economy. The company possesses a globally innovative GPU server computing architecture. Through customized optimization of the full technology stack, it has achieved groundbreaking compatibility between PC and mobile content ecosystems based on the X86 architecture. This enables it to meet the on-demand computing power requirements of various applications such as image rendering, AIGC, and autonomous driving. The company provides customers with cost-effective, highly compatible, and reliable end-to-end computing solutions.

Additionally, the company focuses on building computing centers through a “cloud-edge-end” integration solution, driving the continuous expansion of computing network nodes and addressing the last-mile latency issue in computing transmission for application implementation.

With its robust computing network and strong technical capabilities, Cloudsky Technologies has established a leading position in commercial-scale applications such as cloud rendering, cloud gaming, metaverse, cloud workstations, and cloud VR/AR. The company is also actively exploring areas such as AIGC and autonomous driving, promoting the synergistic development of its “GaaS+AIaaS” dual business.

Currently, the company has formed significant partnerships with numerous telecommunications operators, cloud providers, leading internet companies, and game developers, among others, enabling the construction of the infrastructure for a future digital world where computing power is ubiquitous and intelligence knows no bounds.

Mei Su, CEO of Asia-America Group and the manager of Sichuan Guohe International Cooperation Fund, stated, “In the digital era, high-end computing power has extensive potential applications and represents a vast incremental market. Cloudsky Technologies has already achieved a leading position in GPU cloud computing domestically and is actively expanding its overseas market. Asia-America Group will leverage its profound international resources to accelerate the development of the company’s overseas business. In the future, with continuous investments and deep insights into the high-end computing industry chain, Sichuan Development Holding Co., Orinno Capital, Asia-America Group, and Cloudsky Technologies will stimulate more innovation together and create value for society.”

Earnest Partners, an early-stage investor in Cloudsky Technologies, also expressed their support, saying, “We have maintained close contact with Cloudsky Technologies over the past few years and provided the support they needed during their development. We are delighted to see their current achievements, and we will continue to assist them in technology research and development, as well as the internationalization of their business, as we move forward together.”

Cloud gaming, cloud esports, metaverse, smart cities, virtual reality, AIGC, and autonomous driving are experiencing rapid growth in real-time decision-making and quick response digital scenarios. The demand for advanced computing power, with graphics computing and AI at its core, is growing exponentially. It is projected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 52.3% over the next five years, with the entire computing scale reaching 1271.4 EFLOPS by 2026.

With its strong technical capabilities, robust computing network, and extensive deployment experience in the computing field, Cloudsky Technologies is well-positioned to lead the global computing industry. Following this funding round, the company will leverage its strengths to drive industry development, enabling computing power to serve users as efficiently as “water and electricity” and continuing its pursuit of global leadership in the computing industry.