FORESEE Delivers Automotive Memory Chips to Advance Automotive Intelligence R&D


People’s increasing demand for, and dependence on, the Internet is creating an unstoppable trend in the field of automobile intelligence. Traditional automobile brands at home and abroad have begun to build their own Internet of Vehicles (IoV) systems, while increasing their investment in new energy vehicles. In response to this, a large number of new energy vehicle brands are emerging in China. Obviously, Internet technology has accelerated the reforms experienced throughout the automobile manufacturing industry. Storage devices are being applied in IoV systems, which are comprised of infotainment systems, vehicle monitoring systems, personal vehicle data, power systems, and Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS). Moreover, future developments in automation are bound to increase the demand for high-quality storage and larger capacity.

To keep pace with these trends, Longsys has been vigorously expanding its activity in the vehicle storage market. Its in-vehicle storage products are applicable to a variety of scenarios, from factory-installed and aftermarket-installed automobiles, to high speed railways and public transportation. Automotive eMMC, a product developed by FORESEE, a technical storage brand of Longsys, has obtained AEC-Q100 certification, which is a verification standard established by the American Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) in 2020. Electronic components that comply with this standard are of a higher quality, and this verification has been applied to packaged ICs in the standard series.

FORESEE automotive eMMC uses an FBGA package, enabling a chip area that is 2/3 less than those using BGA packages. In this way, the chip area provided by an FBGA package can be far smaller while offering the same storage capacity, so as to meet the storage requirements of space-limited in-vehicle devices such as dashcams and streaming rear-view mirrors. In addition, FBGA packages offer a higher heat transfer efficiency than TSOP packages, which significantly elevates the maximum operating temperature of the memory chip. FORESEE automotive eMMC has a maximum operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C (Grade 2), and a mean time between failures (MTBF) of over 20 million hours. Due to its exceptional reliability, durability, and compact chip area, this storage product can offer an ideal solution to industry clients.

Longsys also provides customized services for customers in the automotive manufacturing industry and related industries, such as automotive memory that is water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof, streaming rear-view mirrors, cloud-based IoV data backup solutions, among other innovative applications. To better meet the customized needs of customers, Longsys has set up an innovation laboratory in Zhongshan Storage Industrial Park to support automotive product design and verification , which is always open to customers. The lab provides comprehensive guarantees for customized products through product design, quality analysis, system verification, and reliability testing modules. In the future, Longsys will remain committed to the application of innovation in the automotive industry, and Longsys anticipates establishing a joint laboratory with automobile manufacturers to explore new areas of storage applications.