Wpromote Named Top Digital Agency on Adweek’s Fastest Growing Agencies 2021 List


Adweek named Wpromote the #2 fastest-growing agency in 2021 this week, the highest rank for a digital agency, highlighting the unique approach Wpromote has taken to rise to the unique challenges of the last year for both clients and the agency itself.

The key to Wpromote’s growth over the past three years is investment in building a better workplace, even when that workplace is fully remote.

“Work-life balance is not something people traditionally associate with agencies, and we want to make sure Wpromote isn’t just a place that does great work, but supports and cares about our people through initiatives like our permanent 4.5 day workweek, unlimited PTO, and by fostering an inclusive environment where all employees feel like they belong, among other things” explains Megan Swisher Fanning, SVP of People and Culture for Wpromote.

Changing the paradigm of agency work-life expectations hasn’t always been easy, and Wpromote’s Chief Relationship Officer, Mike Stone, credits Wpromote’s clients for understanding why a better work environment is actually essential to be creative and get results.

“Our clients want to see accelerated growth, and that requires the very best talent,” says Stone. “They understand that the best way to get there is by treating every employee with respect, supporting them through any and all life changes, and investing in their development. Our clients trust us to make sure the work gets done, and done well. And they can see the results of our investment in our people in their bottom lines.”

The agency is continuing to grow rapidly; by the end of 2021, Wpromote is projected to grow to 800 employees from the current 700 and hit 1,000 in 2022. The agency’s leadership credit their ability to continue to recruit and hire top talent in a competitive market with a combination of industry-leading professional development opportunities, internal promotion structures that help employees chart a career path, and a varied roster of clients like Whirlpool, TransUnion, Avail, and Zenni committed to doing exciting work.

Investment in the agency’s proprietary tech, Polaris, is a key part of that growth plan, both when it comes to bettering employee experience and finding new opportunities to drive performance for clients.

Mike Mothner, CEO and Founder of Wpromote, sets the pace with a vision for a better kind of marketing that combines the strengths of new technology and innovative expert thinking. “We built Polaris to empower our marketing teams, so they have access to cutting edge analysis and efficiency-driving automation across all of a client’s data. They’re then able to spend more time on the strategy and decisions that matter most. That makes their jobs more interesting, opens up the potential to innovate, and arms them to drive results. That’s the future of marketing, and it’s happening at Wpromote right now.”

The final puzzle pieces when it comes to Wpromote’s growth strategy are acquisition and service offering expansion. In 2020, Wpromote acquired Metric Digital, the fifth acquisition for the agency in as many years. Wpromote’s leadership leverages acquisitions to bring top talent into the Wpromote family and expand or deepen offerings in particular channels or verticals. Most recently the agency continued to set the pace by acquiring Visiture in August 2021.

Finally, beyond the launch of Polaris, Wpromote continues to invest in and launch new service offerings to keep pace with the ever-changing marketing landscape. In the last three years, that has included building out full teams specializing in Amazon and retail media, performance creative, media strategy and planning, and digital intelligence.