MoneyBrain exhibits at MWC Barcelona 2021


MoneyBrain, a company specialized in artificial intelligence (AI) and video synthesis, announced that they will participate in the 2021 Barcelona World Mobile Fair, so-called MWC, to be held in Barcelona at Fira de Barcelona, Fira Barcelona Gran Viafor for 4 days from June 28 to July 1.

Although the number of exhibitors has decreased significantly due to the current Corona situation, more than 300 companies including Moneybrain are still participating in this MWC, and they will show the 4th industry, such as AI, AR, VR, and big data, in addition to the mobile field under the theme of the future of IT.

Moneybrain plans to showcase its world-class technology in the field of image synthesis, centering on ‘real-time interactive artificial human’ and ‘artificial human image synthesis solution’.

‘Real-time interactive artificial human’ is a solution that enables users to have real-time conversations with an artificial human identical to a real person. Companies with a demand for customer engagement such as finance, education, restaurant business, and government institutions are using this technology to provide efficient service at the point of contact with customers.

‘Text to video Solution’ can create a live-action based artificial human video that reads the input text naturally by simply inputting text. By reducing the burden of video production and improving productivity, it is used in various industries that require video content production, such as broadcasting, education, and advertising.

Se-young Jang, CEO of Moneybrain, said, “Since COVID-19, contactless services are spreading along with the demand for more video content. Through this MWC 2021 exhibition, we will showcase various AI technologies of Moneybrain and provide suitable services to many demanding companies. I will.”

MoneyBrain will show the potential of artificial humans created through MoneyBrain’s deep learning technology and image synthesis technology at the ‘2021 MWC Exhibition’, and how it can be used in various industries including the IT industry. The location of the exhibition booth is 2J54, and detailed information regarding participation in the exhibition can be found on the Moneybrain official website.