GemUni to INO on December 12’s Grand Opening Event


GemUni is building a Decentralized Universe of Casual Games for everyone around the world to engage in Fun, Easy, and Play to Earn NFT Games. Users can enjoy casual games while monetizing their experiences with gaming platform rewards and GENI Pass NFTs transactions. This December 12, GemUni will organize a Grand Opening Event with Mr. Peter Vesterbacka – former Mighty Eagle at Rovio, and Mr. Loi Luu – CEO & Co-Founder of Kyber Network.

Play-to-Earn Casual Gaming

After Bitcoin, NFT, DeFi,… Play-to-Earn is the next big thing in blockchain that is taking the world by storm. Never before have we seen the hype around this combination between gaming and the crypto economy. In the past, the gaming world provided a source of entertainment for gamers. But now, gamers can also earn real money from winning at their favorite games. Blockchain-based, Play-to-Earn online games enable players to earn crypto as rewards or for selling in-game items.

At the same time, the casual games market is seeing hyper growth. Over 2020, YoY downloads for Hyper Casual games went from 7.8B to 11.8B, continuing its double-digit growth rate from 2019 with +52% YoY. After Covid-19, we are entering the new age of hybrid working, digital communication, and fast-paced lifestyle. In between those moments, we all need a little break, and casual games provide the perfect route to escape the stressful daily life.

What if we can combine Fun, Easy, Casual Gaming with a Play-to-Earn model? What if instead of just killing time, we can actually earn money while relaxing all at the same time? That’s where GemUni comes into play.

Grand Opening Event featuring Casual Games & Blockchain veterans

The key to GemUni’s Universe of Casual Games is the GENI Pass NFT. GemUni INO for GENI Pass NFTs will be held on December 12, 2021. The livestream Grand Opening event will start at 8AM (UTC), then the Official INO on 5 different launchpads/NFT marketplaces: NFTb, Refinable, Babylons, Liquidifty, KrystalGo. The event guest list includes veterans from the Casual Games and Blockchain industry:

  • Mr. Peter Vesterbacka, Former Mighty Eagle at Rovio, Co-Founder of Slush, and Top 100 Most Influential People on the Planet
  • Mr. Loi Luu – CEO & Co-Founder of Kyber Network, Forbes 30 under 30 Asia, and Top 10 Innovators under 35 for Asia Pacific by MIT Technology Reviews
  • Ms. Cassie Nguyen, CEO & Founder of GemUni, Champion at Startup World Cup 2019 in Silicon Valley, and Winner at WISE Women Innovation Challenge 2018
  • Moderator: Mr. Cris D. Tran – Co-Founder of FAM Central, Partner of Lucky Ventures, Deputy CEO of GalaxyOne

At the end of the webinar will be the Grand Opening Sales of GENI Pass NFT, the key to the new Universe of Play to Earn Casual Games.

Joining the INO, participants can access many exclusive offers, including:

(1) whitelisted access to GemUni’s 1-month Beta Test, from Dec 15, 2021 to Jan 15, 2022;
(2) whitelisted ticket for IDO in Jan 2022;
(3) access to Christmas Gaming Challenge with attractive total prizes of $20,000 from Dec 22-31;
(4) lucrative access to the Play-to-Earn mechanics;
(5) exceptionally high ROI up to ~4000% annually for one GENI Pass NFT.

Christmas Gaming Challenge & IDO

The upcoming INO is the start of GemUni’s roadmap to bring the Universe of Casual Games to the world. The Christmas Challenge will feature almost 20 best games on the platform, providing endless challenges for players to experience first hand the Fun & Easy Casual Games, as well as the attractive earning mechanism. The total prize rewards for the Christmas Gaming Challenge is $20,000.

GemUni is also planning its IDO in January 2022. Players already participating in the platform will have the chance to convert their in-game currency GENIX to the project currency GENI with huge return potential.

GemUni aspires to become the “Decentralized Steam” for Casual Games play to earn – an ultimate destination of extraordinary GameFi experiences for everyone. Don’t forget to join GemUni’s Grand Opening Event on UTC 8AMDecember 12 to learn everything about GemUni, get insights from industry experts, and be the first to obtain the GENI Pass NFT and experience first-hand the Universe of Casual Games.