ComplySci Announces Shannon Seastead as Chief Marketing Officer and Bill Mahoney as Chief Customer Officer


ComplySci, the leading provider of regulatory technology and compliance solutions for financial and professional services companies, recently announced their new executive leaders: Chief Marketing Officer, Shannon Seastead, and Chief Customer Officer, Bill Mahoney. Both executives join ComplySci as accomplished industry veterans with exceptional track records of success that will accelerate the company’s growth, bringing to market one of the most comprehensive solutions serving the entirety of the compliance journey.

“In building our executive leadership team, I sought out individuals who were experts in their field and would bring with them the right skillset to drive the industry-leading organization we have become,” said Amy Kadomatsu, CEO at ComplySci. “Having recently acquired NRS, illumis, and RIA in a Box, it was crucial that our leaders understand how to leverage the kind of dynamic capabilities we have across our portfolio, integrating the individual products to meet the evolving needs of compliance teams with a holistic solution.”

Shannon Seastead, a marketing executive with experience in SaaS and FinTech organizations, brings more than 20 years of B2B marketing, communications, brand, and strategy experience for technology companies. Her expertise spans start-up to enterprise organizations, and has helped to directly drive revenue growth through creative, multi-channel marketing campaigns. In her role as CMO, Ms. Seastead will drive go-to-market strategy and acquisition integrations to accelerate brand awareness and sales conversions, drive revenue, and expand ComplySci’s position in the market.

“I’m thrilled to join Amy and the entire executive team at this point in the company’s history,” said Ms. Seastead. “We have seen enormous growth even in the short time that I’ve been here. Our incredible team combined with the talent and technology across our family of companies, makes us uniquely positioned to disrupt the industry.”

Bill Mahoney comes to ComplySci with over 15 years of building and scaling customer experience teams in high growth SaaS companies. His background spans leading Customer Success, Onboarding, Support as well as Training and Education teams. In his new role, Mr. Mahoney will be responsible for ensuring success throughout the customer entire lifecycle, from initial onboarding onward. As the lynchpin to customer retention, his history in providing best-in-class customer experience will elevate the customer journey and drive continued ComplySci growth.

“In joining ComplySci, I knew I was stepping into a company in the midst of their own transformation,” said Mr. Mahoney. “Not only have we accomplished major milestones in terms of organic growth, but our acquisitions have made us a force within the compliance industry. I am excited to bring a new focus to customer success within our organization, helping to drive excellence in every aspect of our business.”

The newly appointed ELT members represent just one aspect of the overall growth and transformation of the organization, which has made strides to expand their capabilities through strategic acquisitions and ongoing technology investments.

“We are at a critical and exciting juncture in our company’s growth,” said Ms. Kadomatsu. “As an organization we are primed for expansive development in 2022. The evolution we have seen as an organization over the last 12 months is a key indicator for our path forward, disrupting the market with truly transformational technology. As we enter this new phase, we remain focused on our strategic vision: to become the first call for Compliance Officers.”