Chroma Launches Next-Generation High-Performance Power IC Test Platform


Chroma ATE Inc. unveiled the next-generation Chroma 3650-S2 high-performance power IC test platform on October 21, 2022, drawing the attention of more than 60 Taiwanese semiconductor companies and nearly 200 participants from the advanced semiconductor industry.

The rapid advancement of semiconductor technologies such as power conversion, battery and power management IC (PMIC) has not only enabled the takeoff of the electric vehicle (EV) industry, but also the development of solutions for making the conversion to higher power much more efficient. From serving as the power supply for various electrical appliances to battery charging and management of portable devices, Power ICs are no less relevant to human life in the 21st century than artificial intelligence (AI) and the cloud economy. With the rapid development of high-speed digital semiconductors, it behooves industry players to pay more attention to the development and testing of Power ICs.

Chroma 3650-S2 launched today inherits Chroma’s excellent power measurement features and provides up to 768 digital I/O and analog pins with a maximum power supply capacity of 3000V or 160A per channel, said George Chang, General Manager of Chroma’s Semiconductor Business Unit. Chroma 3650-S2, developed based on more than 10 years of experience in digital solutions, comes equipped with capabilities such as up to 768 pins, 200Mbps data rate and 300ps edge placement accuracy (EPA). It is also able to meet the needs of today’s high voltage, high current, and complex digital control power ICs, while taking into account the high-end digital and analog needs of power ICs. 3650-S2 is suitable for lithium battery management system (BMS) ICs, power management ICs (PMIC), and GaN- and SiC-related power ICs.

With more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor test industry and an installed base of more than 3,000 units worldwide, Chroma’s semiconductor test product line includes the cost-effective 3380 series and the 3680 series with high-density, high-speed digital functions. With the addition of 3650-S2, Chroma will be able to meet semiconductor testing needs with a broader product line.

SOURCE Chroma ATE Inc.