The Epic “MetaBunny” NFT has 35x since its public launch. The Project has completed the first round of sales at the 1000 mark.


A Local NFT Project “MetaBunny”, created by, has set a new trend in the NFT Market. MetaBunny has a limited number of 500 at Presale, it gained a lot of attention from the public. A rare MetaBunny NFT #107 was bid at as high as 3.98 ETH within the first hour, 15 times its 0.26 ETH mint price.

Another MetaBunny with similar rarity NFT #148, was sold for 9.09 ETH the next day of the public sales, almost 35x its mint price at approximately $173K HKD. Moreover, the MetaBunny team has collected community suggestions to complete the NFT minting at the 1000 mark. The floor price of MetaBunny even increased to 1 ETH because of all the positive news happening around the MetaBunny project. The team has plans to launch a Play to Earn Game for MetaBunny NFT, elevating the value of the project.

The price of a single NFT increased 35 times to $170,000 HKD.
The rarer the dearer.

MetaBunny has gained great attention from local artists and investors, 500 MetaBunny NFT at its whitelist presale, mint price at 0.26 ETH (approx. $4,965 HKD*). After just 1 hour of the presale the price increased rapidly, at the time of writing this article, One of the Rarest MetaBunnys, token ID #107, was sold at 3.98 ETH (approx. $76,017 HKD*), 15 times its mint price; Another MetaBunny token ID #148 flew up to 9.09ETH, 35 times its initial mint price.

MetaBunny is an NFT-PFP collection with different “Scary Level”, level 1 being the lowest, also the cutest, and level 5 as the scariest and bloodiest looking MetaBunny. Each of the NFT has different characteristics, it is made up of various parts, clothes and accessories, purely generated by algorithm. MetaBunny portrays a scary yet adorable cultural image with a sense of dark humor.

Official Announcement
First round of Public Sale was completed at 1,000 pc.
Good news on MetaBunny has pushed the floor price to 1 ETH

After conducting a community poll, the official team has decided to close the minting at 1,000 NFTs. The floor price of MetaBunny has resulted a sharp increase possibly due to the limited supply of MetaBunny in the open market. The reduction in supply appeared to be good news for MetaBunny NFT holders. The floor price of MetaBunny has risen as high as to 1 ETH (approximately $19,000 HKD*).

Blockchain “MetaBunny” Game
Hong Kong Gamefi development for a Play-to-Earn ecosystem

MetaBunny will launch a Play-to-Earn game, which the team hopes to enable Hong Kong locals to experience the Play-to-Earn GameFi narratives among the crypto space. Players will be able to earn $CARROT, the in-game token which allows players to use within the game, buy merchandise, and eventually to swap with other cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the rarity of MetaBunny plays a role in the rate of earning $CARROT. For instance, the lowest scary level (1) will earn more during the day, and the highest scary level (5) will be able to earn more during nighttime. On top of this, holders can stake their MetaBunny and reap $CARROT as rewards.

“MetaBunny” Holders will enjoy a number of benefits
An exceptional NFT project

3HK brings surprises to holders’ MetaBunny NFT by offering great offers including free local prepaid SIM cards, $500 HKD discount coupons for the iPhone 13 series or a 12% off Android phones^. At the same time, MetaBunny holders will get their unique T-shirt of their NFT in May 2022. In addition, there will be an official MetaBunny Party on 18 FEB 2022, all MetaBunny holders will be invited to the event. Moreover, holders will be eligible for HDAO token airdrop in the future, which will be the platform token of

*The price of ETH is referred to 2,455 USDT on 24 JAN 2022 at 1230 pm HKT.

^Discounts are subjected to Terms and Conditions.

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