mintBlue selected by VISMA | yuki to integrate blockchain-based functionalities to cloud accounting platform


mintBlue, an Amsterdam-based software development company specialising in large-scale applications of blockchain technology and the infrastructure that underpins it, today announces that it has been selected by VISMA | yuki, a leading provider of cloud accounting software solutions in Europe, to integrate blockchain-based functionalities into its cloud accounting platform.

As a result of the agreement, the mintBlue SDK (software development kit) has been integrated into the VISMA | yuki software, enabling their customers to make use of unique blockchain-based functionalities to improve efficiency and eliminate vectors for financial malpractice. The mintBlue software package brings several vanguard features to VISMA | yuki customers, including the ability to create digital twins of financial documents – representing them digitally on the blockchain as an immutable record – facilitating document verification to both eliminate phishing and reduce fraud, as well as offering new efficiencies for single-point invoicing and integrated accounting between businesses and clients.

mintBlue develops solutions designed to make blockchain accessible to businesses and enterprises of all sizes without the need for prior blockchain expertise, with product offerings spanning invoicing, payments and document verification. Today’s partnership with VISMA | yuki was made possible using mintBlue’s proprietary Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) API that enables companies to easily read and write data to the blockchain, as well as the provided SDK to facilitate easy integration with existing software. To find out more visit

Speaking on today’s announcement, mintBlue CEO Niels van den Bergh, said:

‘At mintBlue, our mission is to make blockchain simple and help bring the benefits it offers to businesses without any of the fuss. Today’s agreement with VISMA | yuki is a fantastic illustration of how blockchain technology can be implemented into existing processes, unlocking a host of new functionalities and establishing a unique point of difference for its clients. We are excited to be working with the team at VISMA | yuki and introducing blockchain technology at scale to enterprises across Europe.’

Also commenting, VISMA CTO Sebastian Toet, said:

‘VISMA | yuki has been looking for independent solutions for validation and verification of large amounts of financial documents for a long time. With mintBlue’s blockchain platform, this becomes a technological and cost-effective reality, giving Yuki an edge for customers looking to store and create their financial documents.’