NILE teaser page revamped for the official launch


Wemade announced the official launch of the DAO & NFT platform NILE (NFT Is Life Evolution) and revamped the teaser page on Nov 7th.

NILE’s teaser page, which will go by the theme of ‘Evolution of life imagined by WEMIX’, will change to the official website on Nov 11th and start preparations for the official service.

On the new teaser page, users can check the schedule of the first lineup, which were already introduced through various exhibitions. The lineups include NFT collection ‘LUS 264 Genesis (London Underground Station 264 Genesis), Life Dapp Tangled, and NILE’s first DAO, WONDER DAO.

A new NFT project ‘Sights of NILE’ joined the first lineup. As the first project designed by NILE, it will present the latest information of Web3.0 and blockchain, and NFTs that compiled visions of NILE. Through NILE marketplace, users can read articles on the theme of Web3.0 and view NFTs that illustrate them twice a month.

NILE is a DAO-powered blockchain NFT platform that enables projects in the form of art, sports, music, investments, real estates and more. It will open the official website on Nov 11 and present various NFT projects, art and advanced lifestyle to follow the theme of ‘Evolution of life imagined by WEMIX.”

SOURCE Wemade Co., Ltd