OrigiMed announced its strategic partnership with Janssen to develop clinical innovative solutions driven by data science


OrigiMed Co., Ltd. (“OrigiMed”) announced that the company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on strategic collaboration with Janssen (China) Research and Development Center of Johnson & Johnson (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (“Janssen”). Zili Li, M.D., M.P.H., Head of Asia Pacific R&D, Janssen Research & Development, Jenny Zheng,President of Janssen ChinaYi Zheng, PhD, Head of Asia Pacific Center of Excellence in Translational Science, Janssen R&D,Dr. Kai Wang, CEO of OrigiMed and Ms. Ping Zhao, Senior Vice President of OrigiMed for Pharmaceutical Cooperation attended the Janssen – OrigiMed MoU on Strategic Collaboration Signing Ceremony. Najat Khan, PhD, Chief Data Science Officer, Janssen R&D, Zach Boyd, PhD, Head Oncology Diagnostics, Janssen R&D also expressed their sincere wishes and expectations to the audience by VCR.

Leveraging the power of real-world evidence, both parties will jointly explore to optimize clinical trials and patient enrollment, develop clinical innovative solutions, boost the development and commercialization processes of companion diagnostic products and anti-tumor drugs by virtue of their strong scientific research capabilities and extensive medical resources, thereby providing comprehensive health management solutions for patients.

According to the MoU, the two parties will cooperate with the following strategic focuses:

Establishment of real-world evidence database: Through the strong collection and analysis ability of OrigiMed in real-world study data and medical imaging, the two parties intend to improve on the translation of medical achievements, clinical diagnosis and new drug development for precision medicine under the principle of following national policies and regulations.

Optimization of clinical trial and whole-process management of patients: Utilizing OrigiMed’s innovative medical e-platform, the two parties aim to accelerate the localization of clinical trial enrollment and evaluation of clinical studies, optimize the follow-up of patients, and facilitate the full-cycle management of patients, through scientific analysis and innovative technologies.

Development of new indications and companion diagnostic products: The two parties plan to enhance their translational study capability through artificial intelligence, machine learning model and other scientific tools, actively exploring the development of new indications, and promoting the development and commercialization process of companion diagnostic products.

Exploration of the pilot program of innovative drugs: The two parties wish to actively explore the opportunities for diversified access to innovative drugs under China’s pilot policies regarding innovative drugs and medical devices for patient benefits.

As a leading anti-tumor precision medicine company in China, OrigiMed will establish a comprehensive digital service platform and optimize the marketing strategy for new anti-tumor drugs and companion diagnostic products based on its excellent next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology and cutting-edge technologies such as gene database, patient follow-up database, and real-world study and evidence.