oneZero announces three new Regulatory Vendors for post-trade data access


oneZero, a global leader in multi-asset enterprise trading technology solutions, today announced three new post-trade Regulatory Vendors with direct access to oneZero’s Data Source data.

IHS Markit, TRAction and Tradefora today join other vendors already on the platform, including the previously announced partnerships with EMIREP, SteelEye and Point Nine. The news provides clients with more options for integrating with a vendor that best fits their regulating needs – which can mean using multiple vendors across jurisdictions at the same time.

Data Source is an agnostic cloud-based business intelligence toolkit, which unlocks clients’ trade, quote and quote derivative data in Data Source DNA, and turns it into meaningful business intelligence and opportunity analytics in Data Source Insights. Partner vendors in oneZero’s EcoSystem may access the same underlying neutral data from Data Source seamlessly, with no additional effort made by brokers.

oneZero CEO Andrew Ralich commented: “oneZero’s mission is to give our customers greater control throughout the entire trading lifecycle. By offering the widest-possible offering of post-trade Regulatory Vendors, we are giving customers the ability to seamlessly integrate with the vendor of their choice – no matter how their business changes or evolves to market conditions.”

“At IHS Markit, we aim to simplify and ease regulatory reporting using our single platform for multiple jurisdictions. Our clients will continue to enjoy a seamless, albeit enhanced integration between our two platforms. The integration with the oneZero EcoSystem will allow oneZero clients to use our best-of-breed services with no technical integration effort on their side,” said Ronen Kertis, Head of Global Regulatory Reporting at IHS Markit.

“TRAction is committed to the provision of seamless and simple regulatory reporting services, hence our decision to partner with oneZero. This partnership has expanded our access and reach to oneZero’s growing customer base, allowing oneZero clients to easily comply with their EMIR, MiFIR, Best Execution, ASIC, MAS and other reporting obligations via TRAction’s end-to-end reporting solutions,” commented Quinn Perrott, co-CEO, TRAction Fintech.

Pavel Khizhnyak, Co-Founder/CEO, Tradefora commented, “The right regulatory partner can significantly lower the burden of compliance. We are thrilled to be partnering with oneZero today. We build all our products around the concept of Best Execution, which can’t be done without the ease of access to the underlying data. Integration with oneZero Data Source greatly reduces the integration costs and deployment time of Tradefora’s solutions for oneZero customers.”