Perisai Paves the Way in Asia – Introducing Voice and Behavioral Risk Assessment for Insurance and Health Sectors.


Voicesense and Bizbaz announce a new joint product called Perisai—Malay for Shield. Specifically designed for insurance, reinsurance, health and wellness companies, Perisai builds on the partners’ existing cooperation in finance, e-commerce, mental health and fintech where they provide comprehensive customer intelligence and risk assessment capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

For the first time in Asia, Perisai delivers actionable behavioral insights about customers including their risk-taking attitudes (such as impulsiveness and conscientiousness) and fraudulent probabilities (such as intent and integrity). The product provides information about health and wellness for both mental and physical conditions, i.e. heart disease, stroke probability, diabetes, common cancers, depression, and lifestyle choices (exercise, shopping habits, etc.).

Perisai launches in Asia with European and U.S. rollouts following in Q3 2023.

Hayk Hakobyan, CEO of Bizbaz (Singapore), states, “We are thrilled to expand our unique digital health and wellbeing capabilities for the insurance industry – first in Asia and then worldwide.” He continued, “Perisai provides the insurance industries with a comprehensive risk solution to better help manage risk and make more informed decisions.”

Perisai applications support insurance groups’ customer profiling during their policy assessment and approval process, while also streamlining policy claim-related processes and timelines. Perisai will offer real-time insurance risk and health assessment through bespoke analytical reports. This allows companies to track and manage customer risk throughout the entire customer lifecycle using cutting-edge technology for health assessments (using phone data and selfie images), applied behavioral sciences and machine learning-based prediction analytics.

Hafeez Jacobson, CEO of Voicesense, states, “I’m particularly excited that our language-agnostic and comprehensive assessment capabilities allow Perisai to deploy immediately throughout Asia.” He also notes that Perisai will not only enhance existing risk assessment tools but also use its unique technology to immediately predict probabilities of future claims.

The management of the joint venture also stated that they plan to further expand their Asian footprint into various sectors, including health, wellbeing, human capital and recruitment, e-commerce, fin-tech and insurance across multi sectors.

Bizbaz, which is backed by HSBC Asset Management, took an equity position in Voicesense in 2023.

Company Profiles –

Voicesense is the leading vocal biomarker using machine learning to provide predictive behavior patterns, personality characteristics and overall wellness assessments. Voicesense’s SaaS-based product overcomes language, culture, gender and individual differences to provide real-time analytics.

Voicesense has clients globally, supported by offices in the Middle EastEurope and North America, with planned expansion to Singapore in 2023.

Bizbaz’s mission is to reinvent & dramatically improve the risk assessment process by using all meaningful digital footprints to provide fully comprehensive customer profiling empowering organizations to serve both banked & unbanked populations.

Bizbaz’s main market is currently serving Asian-based companies, with Bizbaz offering a set of unique and versatile solutions, which use the latest findings from behavioral sciences and machine learning, enabling highly predictive and actionable customer intelligence and risk assessment.

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