The Block Ape Scissors Project Makes Another Leap as They Join Season 3 of The Binance Labs Incubation Program


Binance Labs – the venture capital and innovation incubator arm of Binance has officially begun Season 3 of their Incubation Program which aims to highlight some of the most promising projects in the blockchain space right now. Only 9 projects were chosen to take part and the one you really want to know about is Block Ape Scissors (BAS), a play-to-earn ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) that incorporates gaming, NFTs and DeFi all together to create a whole range of fun and rewarding opportunities for the Crypto space.

Binance Labs use this program to showcase the most forward-thinking Blockchain projects in development and provide them with invaluable support and guidance.

The Incubation Program works around several key focus points:

  • All teams are invited to take part in weekly fireside chat sessions with the founders of Binance and other top Crypto mentors for in-depth discussions.
  • The Incubation projects are given an 8-week timeline to get as much out of the program as they can in the form of mentorship from big industry players like successful portfolio companies of Binance Labs and potential investors.
  • All teams will also exhibit at Binance Labs Demo Day to formally pitch the progress their projects have made to a wider audience of mentors and potential investors.
  • Binance Labs will also provide additional services such as PR, marketing and fundraising advice.

Many previously featured projects have gone on to be hugely successful such as Polygon, Perpetual Protocol, Injective Protocol, SafePal, Cere Network and Dune analytics.

The BAS vision is to create what they call an ‘Earniverse’, a metaverse of its own that provides all users a method of which to participate in earning various levels of rewards in the many diverse games and mechanics introduced over time.

A complete ecosystem will be born that is able to sustain a wide range of revenue models in a never-seen-before use case, BAS is creating and developing utility based NFTs that will interact with these environments as part of the greater Play-To-Earn system.

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Umbria Token Fully Compatible with Polygon’s Layer 2 Chain


The Umbria governance token (UMBR) has been added to Polygon’s token mapper paving the way for key Umbria DeFi developments on Layer 2.

Umbria Network ( can now create a suite of applications on Polygon, which will be part of the Umbria ecosystem. Polygon – formerly Matic – provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions using their plasma proof of stake chain. Users of Umbria Network will be able to benefit from the fast, low-cost transactions (two second blocks with approximately 1c transaction fees) and heightened user experience that it affords.

Umbria will start developing its Decentralized Exchange’s (DEX) features on Polygon’s chain and can now fulfil bounty programs and airdrops and create farms and other DeFi products within a faster and cheaper environment.

“Token mapping of Umbria on Polygon PoS chain opens the door for our development on Layer 2 and a range of exciting opportunities for the Umbria protocol,” said Barney Chambers, co-lead developer at Umbria. “Polygon have been instrumental in helping drive the project forward and the next few months are going to be filled with exciting innovation.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Umbria’s ecosystem of DeFi products to Polygon, and we look forward to demystifying DeFi and making it accessible for the next wave of users in collaboration with Umbria,” said Arjun Kalsy, VP Growth – Polygon (previously Matic Network).